Geek Crafts, y'all!

I've joined the Geek Crafts writing team! Look, it's me! I'll be posting on Wednesday afternoons, so you should totally stalk me over there. It's perfect, because now I have a reason/excuse to spend all kinds of time online looking at all the cool stuff that other people make. Maybe I'll even be motivated to get back to making stuff myself! (Or rather, finishing the projects that I do start.)

There's also a Geek Crafts Flickr group, and yours truly is a moderator. Not really sure what a moderator does yet, except ban trolls, jerks, and not-so-nice people, but I'm sure I'll figure things out! The group is an awesome place where Flickr users can share photos of the geeky-crafty things they make. There are lots of photos being added but no discussions have been started yet. I'm going to start one where people can introduce themselves, and maybe link to their sites or shops. That seems like a good place for a new moderator to start! I'll also probably be picking something from the group for a weekly Flickr Feature, in addition to my regular Wednesday post. Doe anyone have any other suggestions?

An speaking of geeks and crafts and geek crafts...I'm working on something. Something awesome and silly and zombies! And I need to have it done by Easter. Ok, no more hints!


Thanks for commenting! It gives me the warm fuzzies. :)