My 2013 Christmas Decorations: Part 2

I'll Have a Blue Christmas by Elvis Presley is my absolute favourite Christmas song ever! Perhaps that's why I've been a trifle obsessed with having a blue Christmas tree for the past few years? Either way, I finally got my wish!

Et voila! My blue Christmas tree...with hot pink decorations! Yay!

Floyd Flamingo approves of pink decorations.
Oh, look underneath the tree. Spongeworm Stripeypants thinks he's being stealthy!

Wormy approves of the tree. He says it's good eatin'.

Let's zoom in on that striped cutie, shall we? Hmm, kind of fuzzy...but then again, so is he.

And one more shot of the tree, from another angle. Because why not.


My 2013 Christmas Decorations: Part 1

Ah, December. Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la. Also, decorations! Here's a sneak peek at mine.

First up, the Christmas Creature! (From the Black Lagoon, of course.) He makes a nifty ornament holder. Look how happy he is! The ornament was part of last year's Christmas gift from my Aunt Madonna.

Here's plush Bicycle Girl (from The Walking Dead), sporting a Christmassy Goomba's Shoe (of Mario Bros. fame). The shoe is hand painted ceramic, and was a Christmas present from the same Aunt Madonna when I was two years old. Both Bicycle Girl and The Creature were presents I bought for myself. I spoil me.

Decorating with zombies in ceramic Christmas shoes is totally normal, right? Right.

Next up: my awesome blue Christmas tree!


Trick or Treat '13. Also, Skinwalker Ranch.

Trick or Treat '13

If you came knocking on my door Halloween night, this is what you would have found. Since I wasn't going to be home I left the candy on the front steps for the Trick-or-Treaters. So where was I? I was at Rob's place watching scary movies and eating pizza. We do the scary movie nights year-round, so to celebrate Halloween we watched Rob Zombie's Halloween and Halloween 2.

I have been informed that Skinwalker ranch is going to be our next scary screening.


Zombie Ear Necklace

This is not so much a Do-It-Yourself project as it is a Look-What-I-Did-To-Amuse-Myself-The-Other-Day project. I made a Daryl Dixon inspired ear necklace! I had to make it with fresh zombie ears though, because Dollarama doesn't sell packs of decayed ears.

Taking a photo of oneself without actually taking a photo of oneself is hard!

"There's...something...on me!"
Commencing panic in 3...2...1...

"Mom! Whatcha doing Mom? Can I help? Mom!"


Halloween Decorations. I Haz Dem.

I didn't put much up for Halloween this year. I'll probably decorate a bit more, but I really just felt like having a few things out. There may be a few more photos to come, whenever my days off coincide with a somewhat-sunny day again.

Na na na na na na na na...Bat Lamp!

My Favouritest Macrame Owl ever!

My Pine Cone Spiders Mobile! 
Halloween Face Garland!


All of the things!!!

I've neglected my lil' bloggy-blog for far too long. I think it might even be a new record for me! A not-so-much-fun record, but a record nonetheless. I'm not going to beat myself up about it though! (Not anymore, I mean.) This past year has been (for the most part) a blast! Things keep happening. New things, exciting things, time-consuming things...but then the new-things take time away from the old-things...like grocery shopping. (Then again, it usually doesn't take much to get me to put that off.)

So, since today was my day off from work, and my volunteer plans for tonight were cancelled, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to get caught up on a few old-things. (Like blogging about all of the new-things!) There are many, many, many old-things that need getting caught up on. They will not all be finished tonight. They will not all be finished this week. But, I will slowly integrate this whole crazy-ass idea of "getting caught up on things" into my life. And maybe, just maybe, I'll even get to the point where I have nothing to get caught up on! (Yeah, right. I can't even type that with a straight face.)

Here is a photo of a Chestburster reading Birdwatching Magazine. That is all.


Happy Birthday to William Shatner!

The Shat turned 82 today! I did a little tribute post on Geek Crafts today, featuring a very cool embroidered portrait of Kirk/Shatner that I discovered with some help from my bff Google. Also, there's this:

kirk is awesome


Faith and Begorrah! It's Zombie Hulk!

Zombie Hulk loves St. Patrick's Day. He's green, so it's easier to blend in amongst all the Paddy's Day parties going on, plus he gets a buzz on when he munches down on all the tipsy people!

Found at Walyou.com

This isn't the official Zombie Hulk, but I thought he was pretty cute all the same. Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Geek Crafts, y'all!

I've joined the Geek Crafts writing team! Look, it's me! I'll be posting on Wednesday afternoons, so you should totally stalk me over there. It's perfect, because now I have a reason/excuse to spend all kinds of time online looking at all the cool stuff that other people make. Maybe I'll even be motivated to get back to making stuff myself! (Or rather, finishing the projects that I do start.)

There's also a Geek Crafts Flickr group, and yours truly is a moderator. Not really sure what a moderator does yet, except ban trolls, jerks, and not-so-nice people, but I'm sure I'll figure things out! The group is an awesome place where Flickr users can share photos of the geeky-crafty things they make. There are lots of photos being added but no discussions have been started yet. I'm going to start one where people can introduce themselves, and maybe link to their sites or shops. That seems like a good place for a new moderator to start! I'll also probably be picking something from the group for a weekly Flickr Feature, in addition to my regular Wednesday post. Doe anyone have any other suggestions?

An speaking of geeks and crafts and geek crafts...I'm working on something. Something awesome and silly and zombies! And I need to have it done by Easter. Ok, no more hints!


Happy Valentine's Day! Again!

Valentine's Day Embroidery

This is an embroidery I did a few years ago for my mother. It's been pretty impersonal around these parts lately, so I thought I should work on getting my crafty/bloggy/posting-things-other-than-YouTube-videos groove back. So, here's a stitchtastic Valentine!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I can't possibly choose just one Golden Girl, so have all four!

From Accordion Guy aka Joey Devilla


Happy Darwin Day!

Get all your Darwin Day info right here.

Oh, and evolution doesn't actually suck of course. It also doesn't work like this. It's just a funny.

Also, Terror Birds are totally awesome.

Edit: So, apparently I posted this on the 13th. I thought it was the 12th. Which is when Darwin Day is.


I'mma take your Grandpa's style

I don't want this space to become a love letter to YouTube, but sometimes that's just the way things work out, yo. (Yeah, I say yo now. I'm a cold ass honky.)

Anyone else craving a thrifting excursion right about now? I pop in all the time looking for housey stuff, but its been forever since I looked for clothes, yo.


Dumb Ways to Die

You've probably seen this video already...

...but have you seen The Walking Dead Parody of it?


Happy 2013!

Have you set any goals for this year? Any bad habits to break or good habits to begin? Perhaps these lolcats will inspire you! At the very least they should amuse you. (I especially like #5!)

My 2012 resolutions went...well...ok. I don't believe I ever blogged about them, but I did manage to accomplish a few things this past year. There were also things I didn't accomplish. I suppose I still managed to learn something from these "failures" though, mainly that I need an actual plan of attack if I ever hope to accomplish anything. After all, "a goal without a plan is just a wish" (Antoine de Saint-Exupery).

So what did I accomplish in 2012 anyway?

  • Paid off my credit card
  • Got a job
  • Got outside more
  • Got organized
  • Stayed organized (er...mostly)
  • Volunteered at Wild ARC

And what "goals" went kerflop?

  • Take a falconry course at The Raptors
  • Sell my crafts online
  • Finish all unfinished projects
  • Make a "33 Before 33" list
  • Get a new blog design
  • Create more crafty tutorials

What about 2013? Well, I'm still working on a plan of attack. Some changes will be small and some will be big, but all of them will be awesome.