Tassimo FTW!

Literally FTW...'cause I won it! From Tim Horton's! They had a contest where if you bought one of their paninis your name was put in to win the Tassimo. I guess they're promoting their new Timmies T-Discs, but I don't drink their coffee so I won't be trying them.

Tassimo Coffee Owl
Coffee Owl approves of my free Tassimo.

So far though...not that impressed. The few lattes we've tried are very weak. Pleasant...but not awesome. I was really disappointed with the chai tea latte. We even watched how-to videos on YouTube to see if we were doing something wrong. Nope! Guess I'm just used to Starbucks, who are apparently with Keurig now. Maybe I'll win one of those sometime.


  1. I was going to scold you for buying yourself something this close to Christmas, but a prize is completely different!
    It sucks that you are unimpressed with it though. :(
    I had a hot chocolate at a friend's from one of those once and it was good. But then again, treats are always better when someone makes them for you! I'm sure you will find something that is awesome in your new Tassimo.

  2. Congratulations on your win. I really haven't tried the K-cups yet. Maybe you can "regift" your prize? :-0 Merry Christmas.


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