Dreams and zombooks and deers, oh my!

I don't understand how exercise books can be zombies.

That was what I was mumbling when I woke up this morning. I had been dreaming about zombies, and how the group I was with were decapitating them with saws and poking them with screwdrivers. In fact, the department store we were in had zombie heads lined up on shelves, which was actually quite convenient for poking them in the ear. And the zombie exercise books (or, zombooks) were stacked up on the shelves between the regular zombie people heads (zompeeps?). I guess poking doesn't kill zombooks though, because we set them on fire.

And then I woke up. Slightly confused and mumbling.

And I had the day off! Whee!

And the neighbourhood deer were wandering about, as they tend to do.

Stag in my Backyard. I think he sees me.
I think he sees me.

Fawn in my front yard.
Om nom nom nom.

Wee stag with wee horns.
Wee horns on a wee stag!

Wow. I really need a new camera. A real one, with settings that don't reset themselves randomly.

Then after I took pictures of deer I went to Wal-Mart. Yay? Nay. But, I needed cookie ingredients. White-Chocolate Gingerbread Blondie ingredients, to be exact. I made them this evening, and they turned out pretty darned good if I do say so myself. They're for a cookie exchange with a couple of the girls at work, which means I get all kinds of Christmas cookie goodness.

Anyhoo, I'm off to beddy-bye now! More mundane updates will follow sooner or later, with perhaps even a few of the non-mundane variety thrown in for good measure. Crazy!


Tassimo FTW!

Literally FTW...'cause I won it! From Tim Horton's! They had a contest where if you bought one of their paninis your name was put in to win the Tassimo. I guess they're promoting their new Timmies T-Discs, but I don't drink their coffee so I won't be trying them.

Tassimo Coffee Owl
Coffee Owl approves of my free Tassimo.

So far though...not that impressed. The few lattes we've tried are very weak. Pleasant...but not awesome. I was really disappointed with the chai tea latte. We even watched how-to videos on YouTube to see if we were doing something wrong. Nope! Guess I'm just used to Starbucks, who are apparently with Keurig now. Maybe I'll win one of those sometime.