I Like Birds

Wow, I really miss blogging! I've been writing lots of posts in my head, so I just need to get my butt in gear (i.e. in a chair) and real-write the darned things. For now, here's a quick breakdown of what I've been doing for the past few weeks...
  • I moved! I'm in my new house! Right now!
  • I had a terrible cold! While moving! It totally sucked!
  • I worked. (That one doesn't rate an exclamation point.)
  • I volunteered! Tuesday mornings! Except for the day I moved!
  • Wild ARC had their Volunteer Appreciation Potluck! I went!
So yeah, it was an amazingly fun, huge potluck with the awesome people of Wild ARC. (My contribution was cookies, most of which were eaten, I'm happy to report.) The staff did an amazing job on the decorations! There were tree branches along the walls with twinkle lights, fall leaves on the floor between the tables, and lots of cute owl balloons! (You can sort of see one in the photo below.) There was a slideshow of photos of this year's happenings, interns, volunteers, and of course, all the animal patients. I may have teared up a little. There were also trivia games, door prizes, and complimentary drinks. Each volunteer received a certificate, a 2013 Wild ARC calendar, and we got to pick out a photo of our favorite animal. I picked one with two beautiful crow babies, both of which I probably hand fed at some point this summer, not to mention cleaned up lots of their crow baby poop. (I may have teared up a little at the thought of all the crow babies. It usually doesn't take much.)

Oh yeah, and there was a hawk! Jeff, Wild ARC caretaker and falconer, brought along his 6 month old Harris Hawk, Tarook. He's a totally cute educational bird, and Jeff was awesome enough to take pictures of people who wanted to hold him. (Guess who jumped at the chance?)

Me and Tarook the Harris Hawk
"Yeah, yeah, I'm a pretty bird. Whatever, lady. Hurry up and take the picture Jeff."

I really should write about all the wonderful experiences I had at Wild ARC at some point. I've tried a few times, but the words don't seem to flow. It's simply been the best experience of my life. And yes, that includes all the poop cleaning...which is probably what I spent half my time at, come to think of it.


  1. Awesome! Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!!

    1. But Ange, how do you really feel? :P

    2. I'm working on it. I tend to keep my feelings bottled up, as you can tell. ;)

      I just love this post, and the fabulous photo. It makes me happy to see such an upbeat and excited post from you, even if it does involve a lot of bird poop. (At least it isnt goose poop! I have a real hate for that stuff)

      I don't like it when you disappear.

    3. Goose poop is nothing, it's just grass! Seagull poop on the other hand...ew...fishy poop. Goose do poop constantly though, and I never understood my they poop where they eat. lol

      I don't like disappearing either. I've had too much going on this year (good and not-so good) and I guess my reaction to stress and business is to retreat inwards.

  2. Ahh, cleaning up poop. It's one of the perks to being a wildlife carer and animal lover. I adore Tarook! He is just gorgeous!! Makes me want another hawk. My darling little Hobble died a few months ago while in another carers care. He pined for human companionship (which THAT carer doesn't believe in for hawks) and he eventually just gave up.
    But I have little Blue to take care of, and as of today I have a tawny frog-mouth fledgling to get ready to be released!

    1. Aww, sorry to hear about Hobbie. I don't know much about about hawks, but I do know they're very social animals.

      I can't wait to see more pictures of Blue, and the frogmouth too! I love baby birds, with their adorable lil' pin feathers. :)


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