...is the text I sent to a friend the other night as soon as I finished watching the season premiere of The Walking Dead.

And it was!

Some of the Leah-approved highlights were;
  • Michonne! And her pack mule pet zombies! That gal knows how to travel.
  • Carol has turned into a pretty decent shot, both with the shotgun and with her Daryl-propositioning, double entendre-making saucy mouth. You go, girl! 
  • Zombies wearing helmets! Yay!
  • Daryl ate an owl! But apparently it wasn't very filling.
  • And last but not least, quite possibly the gross-outiest zombie kill ever - Gas Mask Zombie! They ripped off the mask and his face came too!

Yuck yuck yuck and yuck.


Seriously though, Carol? I'm so happy they went in a different direction with TV-Carol as opposed to Comic-Carol. She's so much more interesting as a strong and self-assured woman, with nicely developing survival skills, a quick wit and great taste in men.


And I just found out something else that's OMGSOFUCKINGAWESOME!

Michonne and her pets...as toys! They won't be out until next spring, but at least I can pre-order them. I missed out on the Daryl Dixon toy, and now he's super expensive to buy. I love me some daryl, but I dunno if I want to pay $170 for him...not the toy version anyway.

I grabbed this image from Cool Toys

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