Halloween is a'comin'

But you already knew that, didn't you? If you were here with me in person though, you sure wouldn't. I don't have one single Halloween decoration up. I didn't even make any Halloween crafts this year! What's up with that?

Things have been a little hectic lately (as in, the whole freakin' summer) at Casa du Zombie. I've been working at two jobs and volunteering once or twice a week at Wild ARC. There were visits from relatives. There was also a bit of sightseeing, future-planning, and sometimes even sleeping. Most of my free/fun/relaxation time was spent working on The Neverending Cross Stitch Project. The goal is to have it done by Christmas, but I dunno if that's going to happen...

The Never-Ending Cross Stitch Project
The Neverending Cross Stitch Project

Oh yeah, and I'm moving in a few days! Most of my stuff is in boxes, the apartment is about halfway cleaned, and I am so ready to get out of here! We're just moving across town into military quarters, but it's an actual house, y'all! It's got three bedrooms, which means I totally get a craft room! There's an oak tree right next to it, an Osprey nest in the neighbourhood, and oodles of blackberry bushes at the edge of the backyard. I'm pretty stoked about the whole thing, even if it means pretty much missing out on my favorite holiday



...is the text I sent to a friend the other night as soon as I finished watching the season premiere of The Walking Dead.

And it was!

Some of the Leah-approved highlights were;
  • Michonne! And her pack mule pet zombies! That gal knows how to travel.
  • Carol has turned into a pretty decent shot, both with the shotgun and with her Daryl-propositioning, double entendre-making saucy mouth. You go, girl! 
  • Zombies wearing helmets! Yay!
  • Daryl ate an owl! But apparently it wasn't very filling.
  • And last but not least, quite possibly the gross-outiest zombie kill ever - Gas Mask Zombie! They ripped off the mask and his face came too!

Yuck yuck yuck and yuck.


Seriously though, Carol? I'm so happy they went in a different direction with TV-Carol as opposed to Comic-Carol. She's so much more interesting as a strong and self-assured woman, with nicely developing survival skills, a quick wit and great taste in men.


And I just found out something else that's OMGSOFUCKINGAWESOME!

Michonne and her pets...as toys! They won't be out until next spring, but at least I can pre-order them. I missed out on the Daryl Dixon toy, and now he's super expensive to buy. I love me some daryl, but I dunno if I want to pay $170 for him...not the toy version anyway.

I grabbed this image from Cool Toys


The Walking Awesome

Guess which TV series has it's third season premiere tonight? Guess what I have to wait until tomorrow night to watch because I don't have cable and getting cable for just one TV series seems a bit of a waste? (But can you pick and choose individual channels? Noooooo...)

Here are a few of my favorite photo spoilers from the new season. There's a totally spoilerific one in here, so click on the big ol' X up in the corner if you don't want to be spoiled.

Looks like Carol might be turning into a bit of a badass. Good for her. The world could always use a few more badass women. Which, by the way, is one of the reasons I love this comic/show. Michonne and Andrea were always strong, independent characters in the comic. Not only are they both expert zombie killers, they are the best zombie killers. So does Carol discover her inner zombie slayer? If nothing else, I hope she doesn't suffer her comic character's fate: suicide via zombie munchies.

Merle's back! With the Governor! And he brought a stabby prosthetic hand! (Trust me, it gets pretty frickin' stabby.) This can only be awesome. Well, for everyone except Rick I guess. Merle's probably not going to be too thrilled to see him. Then again, he did end up with a nifty zombie stabber because of the whole rooftop incident. I bet it comes in handy. (Yeah, I went there.)

Well hello there, Poncho Daryl! Could you be any cuter? I don't even care that your motorcycle is probably the loudest zombie-attention-getter around, 'cause you totally make up for it with your mad tracking skillz, zombie ear necklaces and sleeveless shirts. You can crossbow me anytime.