Klingon Style

So, I figured I could either write a heartfelt post about how I miss blogging and tell you all about the exciting stuff that's been keeping me busy lately...or, I could share a geektastic parody of a parody. Star Trek totally won out.

What? You haven't heard/seen the Gangham Style song/video? Even I have, and I'm completely oblivious to current pop culture. Mind you, it was only about a week ago that I heard the song on the radio, googled "open condom style" and finally saw the video...but still.


  1. that just made my Sunday!

  2. Funny, my youngest had me watch the original video yesterday afternoon so I would understand a story she wanted to tell me that referenced it!
    People are so creative! (meaning the parody). I really don't "get" the appeal of Gangham Style. But I think I saw the guy from it at McDonald's this morning!
    I'm glad you posted this. I've been missing you!


Thanks for commenting! It gives me the warm fuzzies. :)