A Post About Zombies

And the countdown to October has begun!

Don't watch this if you hate spoilers! It's not super spoilerific, but it does have some juicy tidbits that aren't in the comic book. And Michonne! A little light on the Daryl though, but that shot of Michonne's zombies almost makes up for that.


This trailer makes me insanely happy. It makes my pants want to get up and dance. A little Dr. Hook, anyone? I'm totally YouTubing them now. (YouTubing is totally a verb.)

Did you watch it? Or are you content to wait until October? I've been squee-ing over every bit of teaser info released.


  1. Oh, how I have missed you!
    Don't stop being my friend when I say that I have never watched the show. T.V. Has never been a priority for me. I'd rather play video games or surf the internet. I am crazily excited for the downloadable content soon to be released for XBox's version of Left 4 Dead though!

    1. That's ok, I don't play video games! I did watch someone play Left 4 Dead though, and it did look pretty awesome.

  2. Awesome series! Can't wait for the fall season.


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