Where's Carl?

When I watched this, I actually LOL'd. Mr. Zombie's reaction was kind of a blank stare though. I guess there really is no accounting for taste.

Have I mentioned my fangirl crush on Wil Wheaton lately? I totally missed Don't Be A Dick Day though. Oh well, that's what I get for trying to spend less time online and more time outside. Well I won't be making that mistake again! (Who am I kidding, it's summer!)


A Post About Zombies

And the countdown to October has begun!

Don't watch this if you hate spoilers! It's not super spoilerific, but it does have some juicy tidbits that aren't in the comic book. And Michonne! A little light on the Daryl though, but that shot of Michonne's zombies almost makes up for that.


This trailer makes me insanely happy. It makes my pants want to get up and dance. A little Dr. Hook, anyone? I'm totally YouTubing them now. (YouTubing is totally a verb.)

Did you watch it? Or are you content to wait until October? I've been squee-ing over every bit of teaser info released.


Blog of the Week!

Newfoundland Labrador Blog Roll- Blog of the Week - 07-01 - 07-07 2012
Whoa, dude. It's a screenshot of a screenshot.  My mind has been blown.

Wow! My little bloggy-blog has been selected as the Blog of the Week over at the Newfoundland & Labrador Blogroll. This is awesome. I am, as the saying goes, a proud Newfoundlander, and also proud to be a member of the Newfoundland blogging community. Stephen Eli has obviously put a lot of time and effort into this project and I've found some really interesting blogs because of it. So thanks Stephen! You made my day. (And also my week!)

I'm so happy that I updated my blog for (Zombie) Canada Day, just in time for the screenshot. Why? Because zombie beaver, that's why.


Happy 4th of July to my American Friends!

The joke about the World Wide Web at the beginning is the funniest! Statler and Waldorf's bit at the end is a pretty darned close second though.

Here's my favorite Sam the Eagle skit! And of course, Statler and Waldorf.


My Canada Day Happenings and Doings

Canada Day Flag Cake
Here's the recipe for the Canada Flag Cake

Is three years long enough to make something an official annual tradition? 'Cause this was the third year in a row that I made this Canada Flag Cake. (Clickity-click through for Canada Day 2011.) It's also the third year in a row that I didn't buy enough strawberries to follow the recipe exactly. It still got rave reviews though, and people went back for seconds, so I'm declaring it a win. We originally had plans for a Canada Day barbecue (and patriotic cake nomming) at a friends house on actual Canada Day, but he had to reschedule it for today. The weather was kind of yucky though, all cloudy and gray and drizzly, so we ate inside. (And did laundry.) Yesterday however, the weather was awesome and there was no shortage of Canada Day things to do...

Inflatable Beaver
I think all events should have gigantic inflatable mascot-type creatures.

...like hanging out with a ginormous beaver balloon! This cutie was at the big Canada Day to-do at Fort Rodd Hill. We missed the 21-gun salute, but the gigantic beaver more than made up for it. He's kinda got an Edward Scissorhands thing happening, dontcha think? And apparently there was patriotic cake for the taking, but we missed that too. Boo hiss.

Fort Rodd Hill is right next to a really cool stretch of beach with oodles of beach treasures, like awesome bits of drift wood and shells. I restrained myself though, and only picked up two handfuls of shells. I also had an almost intact crab shell...until I dropped it. After that the shells went in my purse (which now smells like beach treasures).

Beacon Hill Park
View from our picnic spot.

Later in the day we went to Beacon Hill Park for an impromptu mini picnic. It was way too nice to stay inside. I threw some drinks and snacks into a bag, grabbed an old blanket to sit on, our books, the camera and my binoculars. There are heron nests in the park and I was hoping to get a better look at them. Oh, and speaking of birds, I took a big butter container to put all of my likely-to-be-gathered feathers in. There are loads of birds in the park (mostly ducks, but also crows, herons, peafowl, seagulls and songbirds) and the last time we went there I ended up collecting a bunch of pretty duck feathers. This time I came prepared. I called it my Butter Tub of Feather Holding. I've actually been meaning to make some kind of a compartmentalized Bag of Holding to take on my nature excursions, so I could fill that up instead of my purse and pockets. Oh, and speaking of birds (again), I saw peafowl mating! The big sexy peacock did his sexy peacock dance for the ladies, then jumped on top of one, bit her neck, and....well, you know.

And there were Canada day fireworks of course! I didn't bother to take my camera, because I usually miss half the show trying to get a decent picture (and usually fail). This time I wanted to just enjoy it and try for some actual memories, instead of just the out of focus digital kind. It was nice. We didn't even have to go far, just went behind the apartment building and walked along the trail a bit. The fireworks were put off in Victoria's Inner Harbour, which we're pretty much right next door to so we (and dozens of other people) had a great view of the show.

So yeah! My Canada Day was pretty awesome and relaxing, and I hope all of my lovely Canadian readers had a great Canada Day and long weekend as well!