Month of Mail

Letter for Rebecca
Letter for my cousin Rebecca on fancy-pants super-cute stationary! (And a fancy-pants post-it-notes-address-cover-upper.)

Well, that didn't exactly go as planned. I only got a little over a week of letters/postcards done. But, I'm trying to think of this as a learning experience. (Gee, am I getting sick of those! How old do I have to be before I know everything?) I'm also doing my darnedest to focus on the positive, so here goes:
  • Those letters and postcards wouldn't have been written at all if it weren't for this challenge.
  • I picked up a bunch of postcards, and I've been putting that off for...wait,, how long have I lived here? Two years? Jeeze Louise!
  • I signed up for Postcrossing, which is also something I've been putting off for awhile. Not so much for the actual postcards though, but for the stamps. I like stamps.
  • I finally started using some of the stationary I've been collecting (hoarding).
  • Since my official Month of Mail ended I've written one more letter and one more postcard! That's two more that probably wouldn't have been written otherwise.

Letter for Rebecca
Here's the actual letter for Rebecca and the back of the envelope.

So...what have I been doing if it wasn't writing letters and actually finishing something that I started?

  • The Mister's cousin came for a surprise, last minute visit, so that was one weekend of driving and sightseeing.
  • The continuing job hunt, which finally ended this week! Woo hoo! No more cover letters!
  • Dinosaurs! I've actually been there twice now, and my pictures from the second visit came out much better than the first time! There are even a few decent ones of me, which hardly ever happens.
  • The never-ending cross stitching project. It's a Christmas gift for someone special and it's pretty big, so it's taking for-ever to do. I hope it's finished for Christmas anyway...
  • I've been doing a bit of other crafting of course, like some stuff for the Queen's Jubilee. I am 1/8 pure English after all, and that's not even counting the fact that Newfoundland was a British Dominion up until 1948. Really though, I just like making stuff.
  • Yard sales, yard sales, and more yard sales! With a sprinkling of thrift stores for good measure. Gosh, I sure do love other people's junk!

Letter for Aleisa
This one's going to Australia!


  1. I think writing cover letters counts as "writing" for your month of mail. Congrats on the job!!!

    I really need to dig out the cross stitch of an eagle that I started for my husband when we were dating. (read: ...that I started over 20 years ago...) It is big (in my opinion) and I would work on it for hours at a time and not see any progress!!! Every year around his birthday I tell myself that I should finish it and surprise him..... I started a baby quilt when I was pregnant with my now-18-year-old I should finish too.
    Not today though!
    Got your book done yet?

    1. Oh, if I count the cover letters then I totally blew it out of the water! lol

      The estimated time for my secret project was (I think) 95 hours. It LIES!!!

  2. congratulations on the end of the job search!! and that's some kawaii stationery you have :)

    1. Thanks! The job search was taking so long I was starting to think I'd have to apply for some of those "adult performer" jobs on Craigslist. (Not really!)

      I've done some stationary swaps on Swap-Bot before, so I have lots of random, yet mostly kawaii, stationary.


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