Friday Feathers: Fuzzy Tyrannosaurs = Awesome

A restoration of Yutyrannus, with the therizinosaurs Beipiaosaurus in the foreground, by Brian Choo.Amusing caption added by Brian Switek of Dinosaur Tracking.

Fuzzy tyrannosaurs indeed! There was a big-exciting-OMG announcement this week of the discovery of a new species of tyrannosaur - a 1.5 ton, 9 metre long, feathered tyrannosaur! That makes it the biggest dinosaur with feathers discovered so far. And that is just all kinds of awesome.

I've seen a few comments around the interwebz from people who are upset about all these feathered dinosaurs, saying silly things about it ruining their childhood and whatnot. Um, seriously? Well, ok, nostalgia is great and all, but as long as we're still digging up dinos we're gonna discover all kinds of fun things. And as awesome as Jurassic Park was, it was basically just a monster movie. We didn't create dinosaurs, they actually existed.

And they still do, and they are still awesome.


  1. The LA Natural History Museum has a lifesized juvenile T-rex puppet that they use for an educational show... it's fuzzy, and very very amusing.

    1. I just looked at some videos of it, and it's totally cool! Thanks for the heads up.


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