Macramé Monday!

craft yarn Macrame Owl Patons Craft Book Beehive Book No502 Patons & Baldwins Ltd no date
Patons Craft Book, Beehive Book, No 502. Copyright Patons and Baldwins Ltd. (no date)

Retro décor at it's finest! There's nothing quite like a completely coordinated room, is there? Especially one that's been decorated with four different crafts, all made from the same yarn. And don't even get me started on the shag rug!


Secret Stitches

stitching sneak peek

Why is a secret, you ask? 'Cause this is a card for a certain someone who may or may not read my blog and I don't want to ruin the surprise!


Silly duck! You don't have any thumbs!

So here's the bit of stitching I did for the Wild Olive Stitch Swap. My partner said she likes birds and I figured it was a given that she liked embroidery (she is in a stitch swap after all), so I thought this little duckie pattern that I found on doe-c-doe was a good choice. I hope she likes it.

Stitching Duck is Stitching

Ugh. I am so freaking late sending it though and of course I feel horrible about it. Life happened, as it tends to do, and this was one of the projects that got moved to the back burner. Not that that's a good excuse, mind you. I'm just, you know, sayin'.

The first bit of Life happened when the Mister came home unannounced. In the middle of the night. After being gone for over a year. (Surprise!) This is fantastic, but a little disconcerting as well. We've each had to readjust our schedules and habits and kinda just get used to living together again. He had a few vacations last year but it's not the same as living with someone 24-7.

Stitching Duck is Stitching

And then I was sick. And then we bought a car. And throughout all of these shenanigans I've been job hunting. Oh yeah, and I kept changing my mind about fabrics and stitches for the duckie too. This is actually the fourth freakin' attempt! Mind you, I didn't complete any of the others, but it was still frustrating. (Yeah, I know; whinge, whinge, whinge...)

Anyway, here's what I sent with the hoop - felt and floss in my swapee's favourite colours, plus a skein of fun Glow-in-the-Dark floss! Instead of wrapping it in tissue paper or gift wrap, I just bundled the hoop and floss up in the felt and tied it with the same green ribbon that I wrapped around the hoop.

for the Wild Olive Stitch Swap

Voila! A felty bundle of goodness, which is currently en route to it's new owner in the states.

Holy bad lighting, Batman! Have I ever mentioned that my apartment sucks for taking pictures in? The living room windows face north, so they never get any light, and there's a huge tree blocking the light from the east-facing bedroom windows. Seriously, we have to have the lights on every cloudy day. (Whinge, whinge, whinge...) 

for the Wild Olive Stitch Swap


Friday Feathers: Microraptor's Fancy Feather Pants

In honour of the upcoming dinosaur exhibit at the Royal BC Museum I thought I'd showcase the quite sexy, ever so shiny, feathered Microraptor! These little guys were four-winged, non-avian dinosaurs that lived about 120 million year ago in the early Cretaceous. They were apparently quite common because lots of great specimens have been found, all of which came from Liaoning, China.

Species Reconstruction by Jason Brougham

I'm going to leave the detailed explanations up to the professionals, but basically it's been determined that Microraptor's feathers were a glossy, iridescent black. It all has to do with the fossilized melanosomes (pigment-bearing organelles) found on one beautifully preserved fossil. And how about those awesome tail feathers? Very cool!

Illustration by Mick Ellison

Nerd alert! I made sure I was going to be home the morning this interview with Mark Norell and Mick Ellison aired so I could watch it live. I believe I even brought my laptop out to the kitchen with me when I grabbed a second cup of coffee. (I think I need a hobby. Oh wait, this is my hobby!)

Double nerd alert! I totally want to make a Microraptor costume for Halloween this year. Any suggestions on how to make the feathers?


OMG Dinosaurs!

On May 17th, just four short weeks from now, Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries opens at the Royal BC Museum. Dinosaurs in my backyard, y'all!

Yeah, I don't know what's up with the sirens and flashing lights either.

I'm going to go every day! (Ok, probably not every day.) It's gonna be a bad scene though, 'cause I'm just a tad excited. I'll probably be pushing my way through the crowds, drop kicking children and pushing grannies out of the way. (Ok, not really.) I am totally excited though! In fact, I may have even shed a few (million) tears of joy when I found out that I was gonna get to see a big ol' life sized Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. This is kind of a dream come true. You know how I have "dinosaur daydreamer" up there in my little bio? Well, it's not just cute alliterative word play, it's completely true.

And one of my daydreams is about to become a reality.


Friday Feathers: The Owl and the Pussycat

Sine it's Friday the 13th and all, I wanted to post something superstitious-ish in celebration. ('Cause Friday the 13th totally counts as a holiday.) Even though I've posted this video before on the bloggy-blog, it definitely fits the bill for a Friday Feathers the 13th post.

Meet Fum (Smoke) the black kitty & Gebra (Frost) the Barn Owl!


Cross Stitch and Paleontology

Royal Guard
Mr. Royal Guard was the free kit included in issue 242 of Cross Stitcher magazine.
Gnathosaurus subulatus illustration by Jan Sovak, from The Flying Dinosaurs by Philip J. Currie

I'd like you to meet Mr. Royal Guard, another recent project of mine. But who's that handsome fellow with the toothy grin behind him? It's a pterosaur! Gnathosaurus subulatus to be exact. Why? Because it amuses the heck out of me of course.


Macramé Monday: Easter Edition!

Macrame Celebrations by Judy Palmer, Pat depke Inc., 1978
Photo from Macramé Celebrations by Judy Palmer, Pat Depke Inc., copyright 1978


Alien: The Easter Edition

This is seriously funny shit, y'all. Happy Easter!


Friday Feathers: Fuzzy Tyrannosaurs = Awesome

A restoration of Yutyrannus, with the therizinosaurs Beipiaosaurus in the foreground, by Brian Choo.Amusing caption added by Brian Switek of Dinosaur Tracking.

Fuzzy tyrannosaurs indeed! There was a big-exciting-OMG announcement this week of the discovery of a new species of tyrannosaur - a 1.5 ton, 9 metre long, feathered tyrannosaur! That makes it the biggest dinosaur with feathers discovered so far. And that is just all kinds of awesome.

I've seen a few comments around the interwebz from people who are upset about all these feathered dinosaurs, saying silly things about it ruining their childhood and whatnot. Um, seriously? Well, ok, nostalgia is great and all, but as long as we're still digging up dinos we're gonna discover all kinds of fun things. And as awesome as Jurassic Park was, it was basically just a monster movie. We didn't create dinosaurs, they actually existed.

And they still do, and they are still awesome.