Volunteering at Wild ARC!

Wild ARC roadsign

I'm volunteering at the BC SPCA Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre and I'm sooooo excited! Well actually, so far I've only gone to an orientation session, but that's the first step. Next comes three workshops in animal husbandry (Animal Health, Mammal Care and Baby Bird Care), and I'll be taking those in a couple weeks. Then I'll be allowed to actually get my hands dirty (literally) at a Spit 'n' Polish Training shift. That's a whole bunch of cleaning and organizing. And then I have to do a few Animal Care Training Shifts before I'm finally set loose amongst the critters. I'm already nervous about being responsible for all those little lives, but yeah, totally excited. The volunteers are only allowed to take care of small birds and mammals, like squirrels and raccoons, so I won't be around any raptors, deer, otters and whatnot. It seems like most of the duties of a typical shift are cleaning, but feeding baby birds with syringes and bottle feeding raccoons seems to be pretty common duties too. (Baby raccoons need to be burped! How cute is that?) I'm mostly excited about feeding the baby birds of course. Bet no one saw that coming. (Wink wink!)


  1. How fun!! I'm jealous,but it looks like a great experience to help out!

  2. Wow!! That is SO cool! I'd be stoked about bottle feeding baby raccoons.

  3. That sounds absolutely amazing! I hope you are allowed to bring a camera with you!
    (I have no idea if the video is yours, I can't look at it on here, they never work properly)
    Have fun!

    1. Nope, strictly no cameras, talking, cuddling or eye contact allowed. They want as little human contact with the animals as possible. That minimizes the chances of any animals imprinting on, or even becoming unafraid of, humans. The video is theirs, sort of an introduction to what they do.

      You have problems with videos on my blog?

    2. No problems with your blog! I'm still learning my way around my birthday present (a tablet) and it seems to have problems synching up video. Sorry to concern you.


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