Friday Feathers: Decorah Eagles

Welcome to my new weekly feature! I realized that there's a lot of birdie-feathery stuff I'd like to share on here, both of the real and crafty variety, so I figured I might as well schedule it. As you might have gathered from previous posts, I'm quite a bit enamoured with birds. It's a relatively new obsession, but it encompasses pretty much everything about birds and, of course, feathers.

For my first official Friday Feathers post I wanted to share my latest internet obsession with you - the Decorah Eagles, a mated pair of Bald Eagles who are the stars of a live web cam feed on Ustream. The camera is in a fantastic position - it's just like you were standing on the edge of the nest! It's also infrared so you can watch at night! Right now Mom and Dad Eagle are taking care of three eggs, which are expected to hatch between March 23 & 25. They take turns on the nest, guarding and brooding the eggs, which is much more entertaining than it sounds. But, if you just want to watch the highlights, there are lots of videos on YouTube.

This video has some great close ups of both parents. Mom is the one sitting on the nest at the beginning, while Dad is perched on the branch. It's a beautiful sunny day and the camera pans around so you can see the view from their tree. Mom joins Dad on the branches after awhile, preens for a bit, then the both of them have a conversation.

Some of my favorite highlights are Dad bringing food to Mom (which I was lucky enough to catch live), small birds annoying Dad, Mom covered in snowMom eating a squirrel (with extreme close-ups), and from last year, both parents feeding the chicks together.

And then there's this video!

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