Tales from the Draft Side: Part 3*

* Resolution #1 for 2012: catch up on all the stuff I've been procrastinating.

Here's another half finished thought from my draft folder. I'm sure there's an essay in there somewhere...

Zombies vs. Mummies

Hey, can mummies be considered zombies? There are definitely similarities. They're both animated corpses who are generally (and literally) dead set on destroying humans. Then again, mummies don't eat people, and even if they did, their bite wouldn't turn someone into a mummy. They also don't have any brains left in their heads, which of course renders head shots absolutely useless. They don't even need to wear helmets! See what I did there? So mummies aren't zombies, just boring ol' reanimated corpses.


  1. I DID see what you did there! Funny!

    I don't know enough about mummies to give an educated opinion. Since headshots are useless, I don't even know how to defeat one. Uh-oh. I guess I am in trouble. Although I haven't heard a word about any 'mummy apocolypse'....

  2. Anonymous24.2.12

    Clearly the course of action to take is dismemberment...or incineration, all those rags drying up for hundreds or thousands of years have just GOT to be flammable.

    1. Or you could just unroll them! :P


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