Rock n' Roll Falcon

Rock out with your crop out!

rock n roll falcon

Remember those awesomely silly Dairy Queen commercials from last year? I loved them so much I wanted to immortalize them in stitches. Ok, so I haven't done any actual embroidering yet, but I still want to. I'm just getting around to cleaning up the doodles now. Oh well, better late than never...right? Does anyone even remember those commercials any more?

Anyway, feel free to embroider along with me! You can even add in an arm so the glove doesn't look like it's levitating, lol! Just make sure that what you do is for your own personal use, and that you don't sell the pattern or anything made from the pattern, please and thank you. Link backs are greatly appreciated as well!


  1. You were in my email today! My Craft Gossip email! I was so excited to see you there!
    Of course, you probably already know about that...
    Of course I remember the commercial. It always made me and my daughter laugh! (We'd see it during Survivor, the only show I watch)
    I look forward to seeing the finished project. :)

    1. Yay! I'm excited that you're excited! lol And as soon as I actually start stitching, I'll post some in-progress photos.


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