Rock n' Roll Falcon

Rock out with your crop out!

rock n roll falcon

Remember those awesomely silly Dairy Queen commercials from last year? I loved them so much I wanted to immortalize them in stitches. Ok, so I haven't done any actual embroidering yet, but I still want to. I'm just getting around to cleaning up the doodles now. Oh well, better late than never...right? Does anyone even remember those commercials any more?

Anyway, feel free to embroider along with me! You can even add in an arm so the glove doesn't look like it's levitating, lol! Just make sure that what you do is for your own personal use, and that you don't sell the pattern or anything made from the pattern, please and thank you. Link backs are greatly appreciated as well!


Tales from the Draft Side: Part 3*

* Resolution #1 for 2012: catch up on all the stuff I've been procrastinating.

Here's another half finished thought from my draft folder. I'm sure there's an essay in there somewhere...

Zombies vs. Mummies

Hey, can mummies be considered zombies? There are definitely similarities. They're both animated corpses who are generally (and literally) dead set on destroying humans. Then again, mummies don't eat people, and even if they did, their bite wouldn't turn someone into a mummy. They also don't have any brains left in their heads, which of course renders head shots absolutely useless. They don't even need to wear helmets! See what I did there? So mummies aren't zombies, just boring ol' reanimated corpses.


Mr. Funky Fox

My cousin Rebecca turned 22 earlier this month! I really wanted to make her birthday gift because I think handmade items are more personal and special. Plus, she's really hard to shop for! I decided to make this cute fox ornament that came with issue 240 of Cross Stitcher magazine. I thought Mr. Funky Fox was adorable, and I was pretty sure Rebecca would too. Luckily, I was right!

Funky Fox
Free kit that came with issue 240 of Cross Stitcher!

Doesn't he look at home in front of my zombie books? Uh oh! I just realized that his eyes are (of course) little Xs - just like dead cartoon eyes. Coincidence? I think not.


Macramé Monday!

Macrame is For The Birds Judy Palmer 1979 cover
Macramé is for the Birds by Judy Palmer. Published  by Pat Depke, Inc. 1979.

I was browsing my favorite categories on Etsy Vintage a little while ago - you know, owls, dinosaurs, needlework and macramé - when I came across what just has to be the best macramé project book ever published. Yes, those are birds. Macramé birds.

Macrame is for the Birds Judy Palmer 1979 inside 2
Macramé is for the Birds by Judy Palmer. Published  by Pat Depke, Inc. 1979.

My favourites are...all of them! But if I had to pick, I'd go with the colourful geometric trio up there on the left. They have curly toesies and some sort of dried n' dyed flowers for tails. Double the kitsch, double the fun!

Macrame is for the Birds Judy Palmer 1979 inside
Macramé is for the Birds by Judy Palmer. Published  by Pat Depke, Inc. 1979.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any more awesome... macramé bird string puppets! The Muppets ain't got nothin' on these babies!

Macrame is For The Birds Judy Palmer 1979 back cover
Macramé is for the Birds by Judy Palmer. Published  by Pat Depke, Inc. 1979.


It's time for happy-catchy-dancy music!

depression sucks big time

Hello internetz! It's been awhile, hey? Did you miss me? I missed you! I'm glad to see that you're still here and doing just dandy. Me? Oh, well...things haven't been exactly dandy (or even slightly dandy for that matter), but they're getting better.

Hyperbole and a Half

You see, I've been very depressed. In fact, this was one of the worst depressive episodes I've ever experienced. It's very hard for me to write about in spite of the fact that I've written about my depression before. Or perhaps I've just alluded to it? Either way, I want to share my story now. Or at least allude to it a little less alludalish. (I like making up words.) I think it's important to talk openly about depression and other mental illnesses. We've come a long way in our perception and acceptance of it, but a lot of people, including some who suffer from mental illness, still treat it as a dirty little secret. Yup, there's still a few stubborn little clingy bits of stigma left. Like, you know the glue residue left when you peel labels off of jars, and then you try to scrape it off with your fingernails but that just spreads it around and gets on your fingers, and then dirt and hair get all stuck to the jar and it looks really gross? Yeah, it's kinda like that.

This isn't meant to be a lecture. I have my own struggles with perception, acceptance and dirty little secrets. I have a mental illness. I'm not lazy. I'm not weak-willed. And it's not my fault. These are all concepts that the logical part of my brain knows to be true. But, at the same time the depressed part of my brain struggles with feelings of shame and guilt. As if being fucking depressed weren't bad enough.

It really upsets me when people say things like "you just have to push yourself". If I had a broken leg would you tell me to "just walk it off"? Of course not. Telling someone with depression to push themselves, snap out of it, or get over it is basically telling them that they are at fault, that they are choosing to be depressed. And believe me, it's not a choice. I don't want to sit in my apartment, hating myself and crying. I don't want to avoid human contact. I don't like being completely uninterested in making things, writing things or even cleaning things. I don't like being completely unable to do the things that need to get done. And I really don't like all the wasted time and missed opportunities.

I'm doing better now obviously, or I wouldn't be back here. It kind of feels like I was trapped underwater for the past month and have finally managed to make it to the surface for air. Mind you, I'm still in the water, but at least I can breathe. I'll let you know when I've reached the Horror Movies and Skittles Stage.

(That last sentence won't make any sense until you go and read the comic about depression from Hyperbole and a Half, which you should totally do right now. Then you need to read all of the other comics. Just make sure you're not drinking anything 'cause you'll be laughing so hard that it'll just shoot out of your nose and all over your computer screen. Your welcome.)