Tales from the Draft Side: Part 2*

What do you guys daydream about? Travelling around the world? Frolicking with unicorns? Having the powers of Head-Explody and Wolverine claws - at the same time?!? Me too!

Know what else I daydream about though? Storage solutions. True story!

I love organization. No, that's not quite right. I crave organization. I need organization. I'm uncomfortable when things aren't in their place, and downright anxious when things don't even have a place. My home isn't a stereotypical-50s-housewife's dream by any means though. I'm not the greatest housekeeper in the world, nor do I care to be. Ever hear the expression "My house is clean enough to be healthy but dirty enough to be happy"? That makes a whole lot of sense to me.

Then there's the expression "a place for everything, and everything in it's place", which is all well and good, but what about when things don't have a place? I can sort and purge and label things until the cows come home, but that doesn't help the problem. Besides, once the place is filled with cows you wouldn't be able to read the labels anyway. ("Hey cow! You totally make a great window. Not!") I don't want to buy all kinds of furniture, shelves, containers, bins and baskets. I'm cheap, plain and simple. After trying to save money and deal with my clutter in the cheapest ways I can think of I've realized that some things just ain't working. In fact, some of my clutter has been reorganized in elebenty-billion different ways...give or take.

For instance, I have a lot of crafty stuff. It's everywhere! My biggest problem is that I'm a visual thinker. If I don't see it, I forget about it. If I'm making something, I end up hauling out anything and everything vaguely related to what I'm working on, and it stays out until I'm done, which usually takes awhile. Oh sure, things get put away eventually, but it's never long before I've hauled it all out again and it looks like Martha Stewart threw up. That is not a good thing.

* Technically Drumheller Dino! was the first post that I rescued from the evil clutches of the Draft folder**. I just didn't think of that cool title until now. Oh, and this was written last May. That's 8 months ago, folks. Told ya I was a procrastinator.

** Resolution #1 for 2012: catch up on all the stuff I've been procrastinating.


  1. don't be talkin! I am the exact same way. I have a craft area in my basement that I can't get to because it's crammed with crap! And now I have wedding stuff everywhere! If you come up with some cheap organizing solutions, please let me know. I need help! (cheap help) :)

  2. Is a 'part 3' coming?

  3. This is Mr. Zombie,

    Mrs Zombie is busy lately...probbly gearing up for her next feat of craftyness. But just to let you all know she is going to be featured/published in yet another EZine!!!! I am increadibly proud of her :) As it will also be Valentines day tomorrow I will also take this opertunity to tell my little Zombie Kitten that I Loves her very much *kisses*


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