Drumheller Dino!

Dinosaur souvenir from Drumheller, AB
Approving sauropod approves of this landscape.

Behold! My oh-so-awesome, almost-headless ceramic dinosaur souvenir from Drumheller, Alberta! He's one of the treasures discovered in the Great Attic Purge of 2011. We found his body near the top of the pile and his head near the bottom. Poor lil' guy. As if being abandoned and forgotten wasn't bad enough, he had to endure all those years of isolation in two pieces! After I kissed his boo boo I bandaged him up. (We didn't have any suitable glue, or even pretty ribbon, so it was a choice between a bandage and duct tape.) I decided that he needed a little tender lovin' care after his ordeal so, after he was (sort of) in one piece again, I sent him on a little vacation. (OK, I may have just taken photos of him in front of a big landscape painting that was also languishing in the attic. Hey, some people take photos of their kids, I take photos of my toys. Don't you judge me!)

Dinosaur souvenir from Drumheller, AB

No, I wasn't lucky enough to visit Drumheller. In fact, I have no idea how this ended up in our attic. My theory is that it was a hand-me-down from one of my cousins. I'm basing that on the fact that her name is written in one of my childhood dinosaur books...lucky bitch...mutter mutter...

Dinosaur souvenir from Drumheller, AB
"You should have seen the other guy!"

In all seriousness though, I'm not sure how to go about repairing him - as much as he can be repaired anyway. As you can see in this photo, it's just not as simple as gluing him together. There's a big chunk of ceramic gone on his neck, and lots of little chips all over - even on his poor little nose! So, the bandage is holding him together until I figure out what the best way to fix him is. Then again, the broken neck does kinda match the nosebleed and bloody lip. And what's up with that weird paint job anyway? He looks like he lost a boxing match.

Dinosaur souvenir from Drumheller, AB

And here's a cat! Scamp was always my outside helper this summer at Mom's place. He's a very odd cat for a number of reasons, but the weirdest thing is how he likes to follow people around outside. He's never too far away and he's become quite the photo bombing expert (like here and here). Actually, maybe the weirdest thing about him is how he likes to chase sticks. We're still working on the fetching part, but he goes absolutely nuts when someone throws sticks for him. True story!

Dinosaur souvenir from Drumheller, AB
Photo bomb!

If you know anything at all about this Drumheller souvenir, or other dinos like it, feel free to pass it along! Pretty please with sugar on top?


  1. Your dinosaur appears to be a cousin to my "Dinny the Dinosaur Calgary '54" souvenir. Same chalk-ware mold - different paint job....


    ...there's some info on the story behind this mold at my Fickr link above. Coincidentally mine too lost his head as I was preparing to move him to our current house. That darn chalkware is tough to maintain, but epoxy and some paint did the trick. I used a little model putty to fill in the gaps, but I'm sure there's a proper method to fix chalk.

  2. He totally is, and I did notice that when you sent me that link on Flickr the other day. It's actually what reminded me that I still hadn't published this post. But then I promptly forgot about it. I must have seen something shiny. Or a squirrel. I do appreciate the info though! :)

    If my Drumheller dino did come from my cousin's family, it definitely wasn't purchased before the mid 60s. Just how long did they use this mold anyway? lol

    And since you repaired yours successfully, I'm a bit more confident about trying to fix mine. I was really just afraid I'd make things worse!


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