I moved! Sort of!

Good news everyone! I bought my own domain name! I'm officially a helmet-wearing zombie, blogging from beyond the grave...well, from beyond a new web address at least. I feel very professional. Except for that whole not-making-any-money thing (details, details). I've wanted to take the plunge and do the zombies-wearing-helmets-dot-com thing for awhile actually, ever since I started watermarking my photos. I always felt like I should put the actual web address on there too, but that just looked silly. Plus it was twice the amount of work. Time is money, people! Unless you're not making any. And I'm not.

And swiftly moving on!

So now what? I kind of want to spruce things up a bit around here, and by "spruce things up a bit", I mean redo the whole damn thing. The poor dear deserves a proper banner, don't you think? Perhaps some sort of background, and definitely some social media buttons (right now they won't show up because of the awkward tweaking I've done to the innocent and ever-so-trusting html). In short, I want it to look...pretty. I also want people who stumble upon it to have at least a tiny inkling of what it's all about. (Fun fact! I have absolutely no recollection of adding "zombies, crafts, dinosaur and kitsch" to the top there. And I totally just noticed it then. This is how observant I am, and why I'll never be a detective.) So, I really need to figure out what the hell this blog's about - and what the hell I'm about!

I like to write about soooo many different things. It's not really a craft blog, 'cause I only do a tutorial or show off a craft project every now and then (or hardly ever, whatever, don't you judge me). It's not really a personal blog, 'cause I don't really get into too many personal details. It's not even really a zombie blog, which contradicts totally with the name. But, I like the name! It's silly, unique and (I think) fits my personality. (And hell, if I were a zombie, I'd totally wear a helmet! I mean, wouldn't you?) And don't even get me started on all the random dinosaur, bird and macramé posts, YouTube videos and adolescent fangirl admissions. And then what about all the stuff I always intend to write about but totally forget, like my awesome thrifted finds and those embroidery patterns I promised way back in August? Confused? I sure am. It must be time for a photo break!

xmas crafts
So this is what I did today. ALL OF THIS CROSS STITCHING!!!
Ok fine,  I just did a little bit of it today. Feel free to remain impressed though.
I also vacuumed, but that wasn't very photogenic.
Know what you're not going to see on here? Outfit posts. A few of my favourite bloggers do them regularly, but most of their clothes are super cute vintage stuff. Most of mine are t-shirts. Black t-shirts. It'd get boring really quick. Oh wait! It already is.

This past year has been one big annoying roller coaster ride, the kind with all the loops and upside down vomity bits. I don't really like writing about the bad stuff on here, not really anyway. Sometimes I may need or want to write about it, but mostly I try to focus on the positive. This is a hobby, and I enjoy the crap out of it. Yes, I've written oodles of posts this year, many more than in previous years, but I don't think many of them were very personal. (Were they?) It just seems like most of my favourite bloggers are really good at letting their personality shine through - or at least the personality that they're choosing to broadcast to the world.

I'd still keep my blog even if no one else ever read it, but I do love that some of the things that I like to ramble on about seem to strike a chord with others. So let me ask you a question: which of my ramblings are YOU interested in? Is there anything in particular you'd like to see more of? Perhaps a few more smatterings of personal info? Photos of my kitschy thrift store treasures? More crafts, either tutorials or just photos of the random stuff I make? I always get a few more followers each time I post a craft tutorial, but there must be something else that piques your interest, or you'd have un-followed me a long time ago! Has anyone actually read down this far? Oh, and any thoughts on my "about" page? Got any burning questions for me? What kinds of stuff do you like seeing on people's bios?

And I want your honest opinions of course, but please remember Wheaton's Law: Don't be a dick!


  1. You may not share many details of your personal life, but you write in a very personal way and that is, in itself, endearing.

    For me, the random nature of your blog is part of it's charm. Not to mention I find your wordage fun.

    I don't have much use for the tutorials (my better half is the crafty one), but I enjoy seeing your creativity getting the wider audience it deserves.

    Frankly, I'm here for the ride. The destination matters not :)

  2. Did you just call me "endearing"? Aaaawwwwww! I like your wordage too! :P lol

    Thanks sweetie! :D

  3. I have a black T-shirt that I think you would LOVE. I wish I could post a photo in the comment box but it won't let me. Are you familiar with the video game 'Left 4 Dead 2'? I made myself a Zombie hand shirt like the one that I won for my XBox avatar!
    (Yeah, I'm 41-going-on-18.)

    I enjoy your wordage too. I feel like you are chatting with me as I read your posts.

  4. I love your blog so far so don't change a thing. It is interesting, entertaining and unique. It's quirky and fun. Take care and carry on. Marion x

  5. Forgot to say I did read every word of the above :)

  6. I like the zombies, and the crafts, and the kitch, and the tutorials, and the personal stuff. I agree with Ange - it's like we're sitting around chatting. Carry on, helmet-wearing zombie!

  7. Well then! I think I shall. :)

    Thanks! :D

  8. I'm not really a fan of zombies, but I like the crafty stuff and the KITTIES!! and the crazy stuff you find! You crazy! But you know, I read your blog because I like you!
    We are laughing and we are very good friends. Good buddies sharing a special moment. Laughing and enjoying our friendship, and someday we'll look back on this with much fondness.
    Oh Ron Burgundy - you always have an appropriate quote.

  9. Great Odin's raven! LMAO! Definitely my favorite Will Ferrell movie, quite possibly my favorite anything movie!


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