Christmas at my apartment

candy cane reindeer rainbow
Rainbow Reindeer!.

So, these candy cane reindeer are old news, and that's my (pretty boring akshully) Christmas tree in the background, but wait! There's more! More Christmas decorations, I mean. Here's a photo tour of (most of) the Christmas decorations in my place.

owl in a wreath
Owl chillin' on a wreath in my entrance.

santa latch hook wall hanging
Thrifted latch hook Santa on the bathroom door.

kitty sock garland
A garland of adorable kitties in socks over the bedroom door! Free printable from happythought.

kitty sock garland
Second from the right is a Ziggy Stardust kitty!

Christmas garlands
My Betty Page & Alice in Wonderland wall, slightly gussied up with Christmas garlands.

Christmas garlands
The rainbow star one is technically a Christmas decorations, but it may just have to stay up year round! I made the Cardinal one with thrifted vintage paper coasters, and was inspired by Dottie Angel's tutorial for "a little string of joyfulness".

xmas moose
Even my plush mounted moose head got into the spirit of things!

Christmas bookcase 2011
The bookcase in the living room.

TP snowmen
Two Toilet Paper Roll Snowmen made by my crafty Aunt Juanita. (Yep, you read that right!) I was going to do a tutorial for these before Christmas as there's a secret Christmassy message on their backs, but time got away from me. I suppose I still can though, since snowmen can stay out all winter.

joy dinosaur
A vintage Drumheller dinosaur souvenir poses with a teeny tiny tree. I had just bought the vintage dino off Etsy, so of course I had to keep him up for Christmas. 

Christmas owl cross stitch
I also got this vintage (or secondhand at least) framed cross stitch from Etsy. It's an owl! Wearing a  Santa hat! Perched on "NOWL"! Get it? Noel + owl = Nowl! Tee hee hee!

tshiny tinsel wreath
Just a shiny tinsel wreath, bein' all shiny and tinselly.

Christmas tree topper
I found this tree topper just before Christmas at a local thrift shop for only $1.99! Two of the light-cup-thingys are missing, but you can't even really notice that. In fact, I didn't even notice until I was editing this photo.

xmas holly elf bell
I also found this kitschy plastic-holly-bell with an elf creature sitting on top! For only $3.99!

Elf on a bell made of holly
A close up of the elf creature.

Christmas flamingo
And last, but certainly not least, my light up pink flamingo! This was an early gift from my Mom. I named him Floyd. There's also a few of the cut & fold Christmas paper toys I made. From left to right we have Zanta, Frisky the SnowCat (under JingleCats), Sweet Tooth (also under JingleCats), and finally, the Krampus.

Happy New Year!


  1. Love your decorations! Especially Floyd the flamingo! Happy New Year!

  2. I'm very curious aobut the secret message on the back of the snowmen.
    My oldest likes flamingos, I think she would like your Pink Floyd Flamingo. And your Cheshire Cat posters. She has a necklace like the eyes/mouth poster. :)
    Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks guys! I knew Floyd would be a crowd pleaser. ;)

  4. Anonymous31.5.12

    Just spotted the photo of your kitten garland - looks fab! Ellen at Happythought

  5. Anonymous23.12.12

    I'm curious to know if you know where Etsy got the Nowl you purchased. I may have been the stitcher... reply to classic.pooh@comcast.net. It wasn't officially Christmas at my house until Nowl went up on the wall, and when he came down Christmas wasn't 'til Next Year. I think from the photograph on Etsy I might be able to re-stitch him! The chart was remaindered and appeared antique when I found it; I have no hope of ever finding it again.

    Merry Christmas!


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