Calvin's Snowman House of Horror

Is it weird that I got a little choked up watching this? Calvin & Hobbes was a huge part of my childhood/teenager-hood). I own all the books (well, as many as I need to have every comic) and re-read them at least once a year. Actually, I also get a little choked up every time I read the final comic. The funnies are serious business, folks.

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  1. Ahahahahaha! That is awesome! I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes!!! I have most of the books too. You and I have an awful lot in common.
    One of the things on my to-do list is truffles. Someone made a Calvin scene with Truffles coated in white chocolate. I doubt I'll get to it today, but I will DEFINITELY be doing it. Another thing on my 'I wish to do' list is to make a Hobbes doll. We'll see if I am talented enough. One day.
    Thanks for the smile.

    I hope Bill Watterson saw/sees that video.


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