Zombigami by Duy Nguyen, published by Sterling Juvenile via Amazon

Thanks for the heads up on  this craft book Ange! I'm not sure if I'd like to own this myself, but I do think it's a pretty neat idea. Also, I have absolutely no patience for stuff like this and I'd have the book flung across the room in frustration.

And here's some guy's review!


  1. I don't have the attention span to sit through eleven and a half minutes of paper folding, but I did skip through the video.

    Seymour Guts! LOVE that title!!!!!!!!! hahaha

    I never flipped through the book when I saw it, I just saw the cover. Those are super intricate. I have trouble making a simple turtle, I don't think I could do one of these either.

  2. I totally thought of you when I saw this book at work. I wish I had the time and patience for a new hobby - I've never been more interested in origami!

  3. It's an alternative craft. The theme is also perfect for Halloween.


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