No zombie post today folks! I wasted the first couple hours I was up, and then became unexpectedly occupied for the rest of the day, literally until now. There were errands to run, visits to make, webcams to fiddle with, shelves to fix - and now it's bedtime. I'll do some extra zombie posts later to make up for it!

EDIT: The time shows that this post was published around 8 PM on the 14th, but it was actually 12:30 AM on the 15th. By blog is set to BC time, but I was in Newfoundland and so that's that's the time zone I was going by for NaBloPoMo. Also, I changed the time zone to BC when I moved here in 2010, so if you look back at my NaBlo posts for 2009, it looks like a I didn't post every day. And I did, just in Newfoundland time!

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