zombie paper toys

Wowzers! It's the last day of NovZomCon! Holy where-did-the-month-go Batman! It's a good thing too, 'cause I'm running out of zombie-writing steam. Also, stuff to post about for certain days. Looks like I'll need to do some more tweaking of the Daily Dead categories next year!

Anyhooooooo....wanna see some zombie paper toys?

Zombie Prom Queen & King

Zombie Jock & Cheerleader

Zombie Freud

Calling All Cars - Zombie Jerom

Zombie Lemi

Destroy All Zombies

And last, but certainly not least...Zombie Santa! His friends call him Zanta.

Zanta the Zombie Santa Papercraft

I'm trying really, really hard not to be a grinch this year. I don't really have an excuse anyway, since I'm not working in retail at the moment. Finding cool stuff like Zanta here sure helps too!


  1. ?????
    November ends and you vanish?

    (I'm making ornaments kind of like your gingerbread ones, except I didn't zombify mine, they just look like gingerbread with a bite taken out of them! Yours are more fun!)

  2. LOL! I started writing a post last night actually. One thing I said was how much I've enjoyed NOT posting everyday. But of course I love it, so I ain't going anywhere. :P

    I'd like to make those too except I really have no desire to make Christmas crafts for some reason. Must be something in the water...I hope you post pictures of yours when you're done. :)


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