Zombie Defense Table

Safe Bedside Table, created by James McAdam

Finally! A table that does more than just keep your stuff off the floor - the Zombie Defense Table! (Otherwise known as the Safe Bedside Table.) When any uninvited zombies show up (as opposed to the invited kind) you simply take off the top to use as a shield, grab the leg to use as a club, and...I guess you could throw the base at them. Maybe strategically place it somewhere to trip them up? Oh, I'm sure there's a ton of zombie-fighting uses for the base! Any guesses?

The table above is the one you could actually own ($245 plus shipping), while the considerably fancier-pantsier table pictured below is the original art piece which was exhibited in The Museum of Modern Art. That one must be reserved for killing a "higher class" of zombies, the kind that flock to museums instead of shopping malls.

image from Dread Central


  1. This kind of reminds me of a "Survival Doll" I saw a while ago. I don't think the creator was thinking about a zombie apocolypse when creating it.
    I don't think it is intended as funny, but I think it is and may make a zombie one 'just because'. :)

  2. That doll is pretty cool alright. Thanks! :)


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