stitchy zombies

Just a couple of awesome embroideries today - the first one is a cute n' clever Shaun of the Dead piece (love those stick zombies!), and the other is based on the movie poster for Dawn of the Dead. Oh, and a super cute zombie hand pincushion that would definitely come in handy when I'm stitching. (Hee hee hee!)

Phat Quarter "Movies" Swap
Shaun of the Dead embroidery by Lisa Leggett

Dawn of the Dead
Dawn of the Dead movie poster embroidery by Emma Bell

Zombie Hand Pincushion from Friendly Misanthrope


  1. ooh, love the hand - it would look great laying on the arm of the couch.

  2. Even though I'd have no use for it, I gotta admit the hand one is pretty cool.

    Also, the Shaun of the Dead one is awesomesauce.


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