Shaun of the Dead t-shirt mania!

You've Got Red On You t-shirt from T-Shirt Bordello

Winchester Tavern t-shirt from T-Shirt Bordello

I Got Wood t-shirt from T-Shirt Bordello

ZOMBAID t-shirt from T-Shirt Bordello

The Plan t-shirt from 80s Tees

8-Bit Shaun & Ed t-shirt from Red Bubble

An expired design (of course!) from Ript. Image found on Live For Films.

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  1. I have spent a good portion of yesterday and today catching up on your entire blog. I am Canadian too. In Ontario, but I married into a Newfie family (a family with lots of redheads). :)
    I have been enjoying the way that you write!
    Hopefully there won't be any long absences now that I am following you! :)
    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go colour some staples!


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