save the Evans City Cemetery Chapel

Chances are that if you've been following my zombie ramblings this month, you've seen Romero's Night of the Living Dead. (I certainly hope so anyway!) Remember the very first scene in the graveyard with the zombie, and the chasing, and the coming-to-get-you-Barbara? Well, the chapel in that graveyard is pretty much falling apart, so there's a campaign to raise enough money - a whopping $50,000 - to restore it!

Fix The Chapel artwork poster by Terry Callen

Want to help? Of course you do! After all, Since NOTLD is in the public domain, Romero - and everybody else involved I spose - doesn't see one penny from all the merchandise out there. I myself own the movie - on VHS and DVD - and have the poster hanging in my living room. I kinda feel obligated in some way, so I'm buying the Fix The Chapel poster to hang up as well. Merry Christmas to me! Besides, how cute is that poster anyway? All the zombies are getting together to rebuild it! What do you suppose is in that lunchbox?

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