the return of the living dead

image from The Blood Sprayer

This is such an awesome movie! I can't believe I haven't mentioned it here on my humble bloggy blog before, 'cause it's one of my favorite zombie flicks. The modern zombie owes just as much a debt to this film as it does to Night of the Living Dead. That whole "zombies eat brains" thing? Yup, that's from this movie! And besides that, it's a hilarious, over-the-top gorefest. It also has 80s punks, nudity, and un-killable zombies. You cut them up, the pieces come after you. You burn the pieces, the smoke infects everyone who inhales it. It's really very cheery. Oh, and the director, Dan O'Bannon? He co-wrote Alien, which is another one of my favorite movies. (Actually, my Alien obsession almost as bad as my zombie obsession.)

A documentary of the making of this movie has just been released as well, entitled (appropriately) More Brains. I don't own it yet, but it looks pretty chockerblock full of cool stuff. I don't own the movie either, so I guess I've got a lot of catching up to do with my DVD collection!

More Brains!


  1. oh yeah, I love this movie too! "If you love me, you'll let me eat your brains!" "Send more paramedics." Too bad the sequels are so uninteresting. Love Alien too. and Aliens even more. I'm really excited to see the upcoming Ridley Scott movie that takes place in the same universe.

  2. You know, I think the only sequel I've seen is Rave to the Grave, and I do remember laughing my but off. The few drinks we were having may have helped with that though! :P

    And yeah, I'm stoked about the new movie too. I'm just hoping I'm not too disappointed...


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