accessories for chilly zombies

Zombie socks that I want!

from Dress Derby

Zombie socks that I don't want as much!

also from Dress Derby

Zombie slippers that I want!

from ThinkGeek

Zombie hat that matches the zombie slippers that I want!

from ThinkGeek (of course!)

Zombie Attack Hoodie that I just saw on ThinkGeek when I was looking for the slippers and hat! (Want!)

ThinkGeek (didn't I just say that?)

Zombie handmade gloves and hat from Tiny Bully who makes all kinds of awesome fingerless gloves and I want all of her awesome fingerless gloves because they are awesome!

Tiny Bully on Artfire


  1. I love the Zombie socks!

  2. love love love those zombie gloves! also her Wonder Woman gloves. Thanks for sharing another great shop!


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