zombie paper toys

Wowzers! It's the last day of NovZomCon! Holy where-did-the-month-go Batman! It's a good thing too, 'cause I'm running out of zombie-writing steam. Also, stuff to post about for certain days. Looks like I'll need to do some more tweaking of the Daily Dead categories next year!

Anyhooooooo....wanna see some zombie paper toys?

Zombie Prom Queen & King

Zombie Jock & Cheerleader

Zombie Freud

Calling All Cars - Zombie Jerom

Zombie Lemi

Destroy All Zombies

And last, but certainly not least...Zombie Santa! His friends call him Zanta.

Zanta the Zombie Santa Papercraft

I'm trying really, really hard not to be a grinch this year. I don't really have an excuse anyway, since I'm not working in retail at the moment. Finding cool stuff like Zanta here sure helps too!


zombie gingerbread ornaments

Since Christmas is almost upon us (shudder), I found a Christmas ornament craft tutorial to share with you: zombie gingerbread men! I've seen the actual cookie version of these around the interwebz, but this is the first ornament I've come across. I like the use of fabric paint for the blood because it looks all sticky and wet, but a completely stitched version would be totally cute too.

How to Make Zombie Gingerbread Ornaments from Halloween Alliance

Wanna hear something really weird? I've never made one single zombie craft. Not even anything slightly un-deadish! I shall have to remedy that.


the return of the living dead

image from The Blood Sprayer

This is such an awesome movie! I can't believe I haven't mentioned it here on my humble bloggy blog before, 'cause it's one of my favorite zombie flicks. The modern zombie owes just as much a debt to this film as it does to Night of the Living Dead. That whole "zombies eat brains" thing? Yup, that's from this movie! And besides that, it's a hilarious, over-the-top gorefest. It also has 80s punks, nudity, and un-killable zombies. You cut them up, the pieces come after you. You burn the pieces, the smoke infects everyone who inhales it. It's really very cheery. Oh, and the director, Dan O'Bannon? He co-wrote Alien, which is another one of my favorite movies. (Actually, my Alien obsession almost as bad as my zombie obsession.)

A documentary of the making of this movie has just been released as well, entitled (appropriately) More Brains. I don't own it yet, but it looks pretty chockerblock full of cool stuff. I don't own the movie either, so I guess I've got a lot of catching up to do with my DVD collection!

More Brains!


save the Evans City Cemetery Chapel

Chances are that if you've been following my zombie ramblings this month, you've seen Romero's Night of the Living Dead. (I certainly hope so anyway!) Remember the very first scene in the graveyard with the zombie, and the chasing, and the coming-to-get-you-Barbara? Well, the chapel in that graveyard is pretty much falling apart, so there's a campaign to raise enough money - a whopping $50,000 - to restore it!

Fix The Chapel artwork poster by Terry Callen

Want to help? Of course you do! After all, Since NOTLD is in the public domain, Romero - and everybody else involved I spose - doesn't see one penny from all the merchandise out there. I myself own the movie - on VHS and DVD - and have the poster hanging in my living room. I kinda feel obligated in some way, so I'm buying the Fix The Chapel poster to hang up as well. Merry Christmas to me! Besides, how cute is that poster anyway? All the zombies are getting together to rebuild it! What do you suppose is in that lunchbox?


accessories for chilly zombies

Zombie socks that I want!

from Dress Derby

Zombie socks that I don't want as much!

also from Dress Derby

Zombie slippers that I want!

from ThinkGeek

Zombie hat that matches the zombie slippers that I want!

from ThinkGeek (of course!)

Zombie Attack Hoodie that I just saw on ThinkGeek when I was looking for the slippers and hat! (Want!)

ThinkGeek (didn't I just say that?)

Zombie handmade gloves and hat from Tiny Bully who makes all kinds of awesome fingerless gloves and I want all of her awesome fingerless gloves because they are awesome!

Tiny Bully on Artfire


zombies for dinner

So your house may be zombiefied with lots of undead lovelies, but what about all those fancy zombie dinner parties? What zombie goodies are you gonna wow your guests with? Why, Walking Dead glassware of course!

Walking Dead Etched Glassware - 25 oz stein & 16 oz pint - from ThinkGeek

Dead Head, Rise & Feed, Fresh Meat, and Dead Rules

Close-up of Rise & Feed

And how about a few icy brains to keep those drinks cold?

Brain Freeze Ice Cube Molds from ThinkGeek

You can serve cookies at your fancy dinner party. Everyone likes cookies. Even zombies. True story!


Para Abnormal comics

Remember how I missed last week's Land of the Thurs-dead because I was passed out from owies and jet lags? Well, my internet pal Kodama cheered me up with a Land of the Thurs-dead appropriate link that combines 3 of my favorite things - craft ideas, cartoons and zombies! It was a selection of comics tagged "handmade stuff" from Para Abnormal. And yes, it is as awesome as it's name implies. It also has zombie goodness of the non-handmade variety and lots of other wonderfully twisted things. Anyway, here are a few of my zombie favorites!

Para Abnormal by Dave Lowe

Para Abnormal by Dave Lowe

Para Abnormal by Dave Lowe

Para Abnormal by Dave Lowe




Zombigami by Duy Nguyen, published by Sterling Juvenile via Amazon

Thanks for the heads up on  this craft book Ange! I'm not sure if I'd like to own this myself, but I do think it's a pretty neat idea. Also, I have absolutely no patience for stuff like this and I'd have the book flung across the room in frustration.

And here's some guy's review!



Awesome! It's a motivational jogging thing with zombies! Or, as the creators like to call it, a running game and audio adventure.

I hate jogging. I really, really hate it. Every now and then I give it another try, but it's just so boring! This may be the thing that finally gets me off my lazy butt and out the door though. What could possibly be better motivation than listening to a pack of gasping, groaning ghouls at my heels? And hell, I bet I'd reach my optimal heart rate in no time!


zombie pillows

Zombie pillows! The perfect finishing touch to any room. Sure, soft furnishings might be crap for zombie defense, but who wants to cozy up to a hatchet?

Zombie Lady Trophy Decorative Pillow from Etsy shop nomnomluv

"zombies need love too" pillow from Etsy shop cipolla

Zombie Pillow from Etsy shop diffractionFIBER

I Heart Zombies Pillow from Etsy shop Starina23

Zombie Pillow from Etsy shop Big Nerd Crafts

And last but not least, a zombie kitty neck pillow! Ok, maybe neck pillows don't quite fit into the home decor category, but hey - zombie kitty!

Zombie Cat Travel Neck Pillow from Etsy shop Creature Comforts


Ugh. Yet another zombie post missed this week. I got home around 3 yesterday (local time), and I had a headache that just kept getting worse and worse. I stumbled into bed about 6:30 last night, passed out, and woke up 6:30 this morning. I already blew NaBloPoMo of course, but I still wanted to keep going. And by golly, I shall! Regular zombie posts will resume later today. Or maybe tomorrow. Definitely tomorrow, but probably today. Possibly.

In other zombie news, I feel really sooky because I just left all my family and I plan to comfort myself by watching all of the Romero movies over the next few days.

And now I have to stop drinking coffee and go do something useful.


Bub the zombie

Sin today is Day of the Wednes-dead, how about a toy (or action figure, if you prefer) from Day of the Dead?

Hello Aunt Alicia!




P.S. I'll be leaving on a jetplane tomorrow morning, so if I miss tomorrow's post, it's 'cause I'm sleeping. Or sedated. (I'm not exactly a good flyer.)


stitchy zombies

Just a couple of awesome embroideries today - the first one is a cute n' clever Shaun of the Dead piece (love those stick zombies!), and the other is based on the movie poster for Dawn of the Dead. Oh, and a super cute zombie hand pincushion that would definitely come in handy when I'm stitching. (Hee hee hee!)

Phat Quarter "Movies" Swap
Shaun of the Dead embroidery by Lisa Leggett

Dawn of the Dead
Dawn of the Dead movie poster embroidery by Emma Bell

Zombie Hand Pincushion from Friendly Misanthrope



No zombie post today folks! I wasted the first couple hours I was up, and then became unexpectedly occupied for the rest of the day, literally until now. There were errands to run, visits to make, webcams to fiddle with, shelves to fix - and now it's bedtime. I'll do some extra zombie posts later to make up for it!

EDIT: The time shows that this post was published around 8 PM on the 14th, but it was actually 12:30 AM on the 15th. By blog is set to BC time, but I was in Newfoundland and so that's that's the time zone I was going by for NaBloPoMo. Also, I changed the time zone to BC when I moved here in 2010, so if you look back at my NaBlo posts for 2009, it looks like a I didn't post every day. And I did, just in Newfoundland time!