pine cone mobile with a creepy crawly twist!

pine cone spider mobile with a creepy crawly twist!

Want to know how to turn a pretty basket of pine cones and twigs...

pine cones & twigs

...into a cluster of creepy, crawly spiders?

pine cone spider mobile

You'll need a craft book with directions for making mobiles, and a cat. Or a small child. Anything that will insist on getting in front of the camera, really.

Scamp helping with the photoshoot
The Complete Encyclopedia of Crafts. © Marshall Cavendish Limited, 1975

Gather your supplies...

* pine cones * thin branches * garden clippers * thread * scissors * glue * patience

...and get started!

pine cone spider mobile how-to

1. If your pine cones aren't fully open, bake them on super-low heat. Remember to keep a close eye on them, and never-ever-ever leave them unattended! Never ever!

2. Cut the twigs into small pieces. Try to snip them so that they have a couple of bends in them. This will make them look more leggy.

3. Plan your pine cone spiders. Pick out 8 twig legs for each pine cone body, making sure they fit snugly between the scales and that they point in the right directions.

4. Glue the legs in place. I used Aleene's Tacky Glue.

5. Tie a length of string to the stem. Put a dab of glue on the knot to make it sure it stays put.

6. Assemble the mobile! You can follow the directions word for word, or just kinda wing it like I did. Did you happen to notice the extra support strings between the top and bottom branches? They were needed to make the bottom branch stay in the position that I wanted. So yeah, things like that might happen if you wing it! I think it turned out pretty awesome all the same though. What do you think?

pine cone spider mobile
pine cone spider mobile

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  1. This would so scare the crap out of Noleen if properly displayed... (twiddles fingers menacingly)

    Side note: You seem very insistent on the not leaving the pine cones unattended bit...should I assume the voice of personal experience is speaking regarding that point?

  2. Kodama - Thanks!

    Grimmy - Nah, I just don't wanna get sued. :P

  3. That is awesome! Creepy, but awesome!

    Returning the blog love...

    Brooke @ www.spruceyournest.blogspot.com

  4. Those are so neat!

  5. Ooh...shivers, that spider mobile is pretty creepy!
    I LOVE it!
    Very creative indeed!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way:)

  6. This is perfect! I love vintage crafts and this one makes me giddy. I'll feature it on my work's FB tomorrow too! I work for the company that makes Tacky Glue!

    Sorry if you had trouble linking up. Yeah, the linky tools can be a bit wonky sometimes!

    Thanks so much for linking!! You rock!

  7. Oh, those are spooky! I didn't know you could bake pine cones to get them to open, neat. I have a few books from that Encyclopedia of Crafts set, I love them!, so kitschy and so fun.

  8. That looks great! I see your little buddy eyeing it... wonder if he'll try to "play" with it?:@)

  9. so good, from distance it looks like a real spider :-D

  10. This is so AWESOME! I love the natural elements being used like that. SO creative. And kitty is getting ready to have some fun. I'd be thrilled if you came and shared this at my Bewitching Craft link party at http://igottacreate.blogspot.com !

  11. Those are awesome!!! What a great idea. They are totally spooky looking!!

  12. Fabulous! Saw your project on the Bewitching Craft Party and came by for a closer look!

  13. Thanks for all the awesome comments guys!

  14. LOVE these pinecone spiders! They'll look awesome with my spiderweb made of old videotape! Thanks!

  15. Love the Spider Pine cones! Made me do a double take when I saw them on iShareCrafts - Has the cat gotten them yet?
    Stephanie @ All Artful

  16. Lol! Nope, it's still up, but the cats have ignored it since the glance. Thanks for commenting!

  17. Thanks so much for linking this fun mobile to my Halloween party ~ I love it. I've featured it this evening in my latest Five Fun Ideas post.


    Laura @ Come Together Kids

  18. Very creative mobile! It's amazing how much they really do look like creepy crawly spiders!

  19. Ooooo I was wondering what to do with my stash of Pine cones. Thinking about giving this a try. Thanks for sharing :)


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