My Halloween Costumes - Part 3

Corpse Bride 2006
2006 - A store bought "Corpse Bride" costume
(obviously not from the Tim Burton movie!)

Evil Red Riding Hood 2007
2007 - Big Bad Red Riding Hood
I made the tutu from a big ol' mess of tulle and the cape from a curtain panel.

The Big Bad Wolf's head is hung on my belt as a warning to all the other Big Bad Jerks.
(And, um, please excuse the mess.) 

Evil Red Riding Hood 2007
The Big Bad Wolf is Big Bad Dead. It's what makes this costume awesome!
(It's actually a hat I found in crappy novelty store. I covered the eyes with black electrical tape X's.)

Evil Red Riding Hood 2007
Big Dead Wolf head hats are fun to play with!

Evil Woodsman 2007
The Big Bad Woodsman may have helped slay the Big Bad Wolf. (Thanks Scott!)

Alice Cooper concert 2008
2008 - Alice Cooper groupie!
This was actually for his concert - but it was in October!

And that clues up my look back on costumes of Halloween past! (Did you guys see Part 1 and Part 2?)

I'd love to see your costumes of course! A few of the bloggers I love have already done a costume post (or 2 or 3), but if you think I've missed yours just leave a link in the comments so I can check it out. Actually, go ahead and leave me a link to anything Halloween related!

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