My Halloween Costumes - Part 2

Red Shirt & Worf
In 1999 I wore a Star Trek uniform (red shirt! Oh noes!) & was accompanied by a Klingon! And yes, I am aware that this is a Next Generation Klingon.

Posessed Regan from The Exorcist
2000 was the year I (tried to) face my fears by dressing up as Regan from The Exorcist. (It didn't work.) Can you believe I got hit on that night? True story! I guess there really is a fetish for everything.

Father Merrin from The Exorcist
Father Merrin came along with me too! Talk about an odd couple, hey?

Satanic Nun
On another night out in 2000, I was a vampire nun (or something). I suppose I needed a dash of sexy-evil after the scary-evil demon possessed costume.

Look out! Here comes the Spider-Ben! Somewhere along the line I bought a Spider-Man costume for Bender, my parent's dog. This particular photo was taken in 2009.

There's a Part 3 coming soon! Also, you can check out Part 1 of My Halloween Costumes for a couple of costumes from when I was a wee lass.

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