more thoughts on Terra Nova

Photo from io9
There were only 2 things I liked about the 3rd episode of Terra Nova besides this cutie Carnotaurus:
  • Everything Taylor said and did
  • Zoe's handmade toy dinosaurs
Other than that, it was a big pile of dinosaur poop. Taylor is the only one with any decent character development going on, he gets all the good lines, and he's hot. (That's right, I said it.)

Seriously, the writers need to stop trying to cram so many story lines into each episode, create story lines for characters besides the Shannon family, and focus on what the show is supposed to be about instead of this contrived crap. Oh, and try using some real dinosaurs instead of these dumbass made-up ones. As it stands right now, I have zero interest in this show beyond the (based on real life) dinosaur eye candy. My only comfort is the knowledge that Star Trek: TNG sucked for the first few seasons, but then turned into a really awesome show.


  1. hmmm, ok. I don't get to see ep3 until this Sunday, but I enjoyed the first 2 episodes, but I agree, more info with the sixes and the writings at the waterfall would be good. We can only trust that Stephen Spielberg knows what he's doing...

  2. Hmm...

    While it's true that alot of TV series take a while to hit their stride and get the mix right, it might not be a bad idea to send the folks a message as a concerned fan.

    Unless they're complete morons, they can't be making a show about dinosaurs and time travel and NOT including geeks in their demographic...but then again it IS Fox at the helm...

    I sincerely doubt you're the only one nerd-raging over this, if I knew enough about dinos and were watching the show (I can barely find time for Big Bang) I'd undoubtedly be pissed about same things.

    For there is no greater sin in geekdom than getting the details wrong :-)

  3. Oh no, I'm definitely not the only upset dino geek. The internet pretty much agrees with me. ;)

    It's not even so much the less-than-spectacular dinos though - it's more the weak, contrived storytelling and boring characters. Right now Taylor is the only interesting one, but I think Maddy and Malcolm are kinda fun too. (Though you don't know who any of these character are if you haven't watched the show, lol.)

    And I wish they'd give up this silly love triangle story. And maybe the teenagers could get squished by sauropods.


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