Macramé Monday!

Foxy Lady Bath Swag - Macrame Moods 1976
Photo from Macramé Moods, published 1976

It's the Foxy Lady Bath Swag! I bet all the sexy Bond girls have them. OK, maybe just the sexy hippies.


  1. actually, i really like that curtain, tho i wouldn't use it as a shower curtain & i'd want a different color cuz i'm not a huge fan of red decor. i bet it'd be really pretty in blue tho :)

  2. Oh, I love the shower curtain too! I actually adore all of the macrame pieces that I've shared, even though I poke fun at them. But yeah, red and yellow - not so much. :P lol

    I'm really amazed by all the work, patience and skill involved in macrame - especially in these large scale pieces.

    And just wait until I share the photos of some of the macrame window curtains that I have!


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