Dear last night's episode of Terra Nova,

Do you really expect me to believe that out of all the soldiers who came through in all ten pilgrimages to Terra Nova, not one of them remembered to bring a freakin' helmet?!?! Gah! Also, the scene in the house where the soldier gets knocked out because of his incompetence, the teenagers have to drag him to safety, and then Josh grabs the machine gun and goes back to save Zoe? Seriously, it would have been more entertaining (and possibly believable) if Zoe's carnivorous plant jumped out and ate the pterosaur that was coming at her. (Yeah, yeah, I know...fiction!) And speaking of the pterosaurs...well, ok, they were pretty cool actually. Their coloring was disappointing - boring ol' black with a few barely noticeable white stripes - but, still cool. What's not cool is that on Fox's official Terra Nova website the pterosaurs are called birds. BIRDS!!!1! 

Le sigh.

Perhaps this sexy Carnotaurus will calm me down. It looks like he wants to tell me a secret - a sexy secret!

sexy carnotaurus

In other news (of the non-nerd-rage variety), it occurred to me as I wrote this that I completely forgot about yesterday's Macramé Monday post! Unfortunately, I don't have anything even remotely macramé related saved in the drafts folder, so I'm just going to skip it this week. I promise to pay more attention to the days of the week from now on!

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