autumn leaves

brightly colored fall leaves

pretty leaves & my faithful companion


  1. Beautiful! DJ Husband and I are going on our first Fall Color Tour of the year and I hope we find colors that vibrant! What's the meow meow's name?

  2. Well, I may have edited the photos a little to make the colors more vibrant. ;)

    That's Scamp, my mom's kitty. I call him Stumpy though, because his fur grows so long in the winter that it looks like he has short little legs. It's totally cute!

  3. Gorgeous colours. Scamp looks as if he is waiting to rearrange your leaves for you. Did he ? :)

  4. Lol, no actually he was pretty good. He usually just wants to be petted. He also likes chasing any sticks you throw for him. He's an odd kitty...

  5. Maxine6.3.12

    Nice colored leaves. Scamp looks to be a Maine Coon. My neighbor has one too. Likes to chase balls and retieve them. He woke me up one night at 3am with tossing a ball at my face and expected me to play. I tossed it into te next room, and he did it again. LOL He is a funny cat to watch. Has a lot of character.

    1. Actually he's a moggie, but I guess it's possible he has some Maine Coon in him! Cats are hilarious. They each have their own quirks. :)


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