Happy Halloween! Again!

Macramé Monday!

Happy Halloween!

Macrame witch my cousin made
Macramé Witch from Flickr user karyberg

Macrame pumpkin my cousin made
Macramé Jack O'Lantern from Flickr user karyberg

That's right! Macramé is great for Halloween decorations too! I have a few pictures of Halloween awesomeness in my vintage macramé books (including these two lovelies), but unfortunately I'm nowhere near any of them right now. How about I point you towards the instructions for a macramé pumpkin instead? If you start now, you might get it done in time to impress the trick-or-treaters!


My Halloween Costumes - Part 3

Corpse Bride 2006
2006 - A store bought "Corpse Bride" costume
(obviously not from the Tim Burton movie!)

Evil Red Riding Hood 2007
2007 - Big Bad Red Riding Hood
I made the tutu from a big ol' mess of tulle and the cape from a curtain panel.

The Big Bad Wolf's head is hung on my belt as a warning to all the other Big Bad Jerks.
(And, um, please excuse the mess.) 

Evil Red Riding Hood 2007
The Big Bad Wolf is Big Bad Dead. It's what makes this costume awesome!
(It's actually a hat I found in crappy novelty store. I covered the eyes with black electrical tape X's.)

Evil Red Riding Hood 2007
Big Dead Wolf head hats are fun to play with!

Evil Woodsman 2007
The Big Bad Woodsman may have helped slay the Big Bad Wolf. (Thanks Scott!)

Alice Cooper concert 2008
2008 - Alice Cooper groupie!
This was actually for his concert - but it was in October!

And that clues up my look back on costumes of Halloween past! (Did you guys see Part 1 and Part 2?)

I'd love to see your costumes of course! A few of the bloggers I love have already done a costume post (or 2 or 3), but if you think I've missed yours just leave a link in the comments so I can check it out. Actually, go ahead and leave me a link to anything Halloween related!


My Halloween Costumes - Part 2

Red Shirt & Worf
In 1999 I wore a Star Trek uniform (red shirt! Oh noes!) & was accompanied by a Klingon! And yes, I am aware that this is a Next Generation Klingon.

Posessed Regan from The Exorcist
2000 was the year I (tried to) face my fears by dressing up as Regan from The Exorcist. (It didn't work.) Can you believe I got hit on that night? True story! I guess there really is a fetish for everything.

Father Merrin from The Exorcist
Father Merrin came along with me too! Talk about an odd couple, hey?

Satanic Nun
On another night out in 2000, I was a vampire nun (or something). I suppose I needed a dash of sexy-evil after the scary-evil demon possessed costume.

Look out! Here comes the Spider-Ben! Somewhere along the line I bought a Spider-Man costume for Bender, my parent's dog. This particular photo was taken in 2009.

There's a Part 3 coming soon! Also, you can check out Part 1 of My Halloween Costumes for a couple of costumes from when I was a wee lass.


It's silly hat time!

me & my cousin Rebecca
Me & my cuz. Isn't she pretty? :)

Yesterday was a good day. I spent the afternoon shopping with my mom, Aunt Madonna and cousin Rebecca. It was the first time in ages that the four of us have gotten together. Rebecca bought a super cute faux fur hat with ears and dangly bits, and then I found an owl hat I liked a few stores later. And I got matching mittens too! Of course my mom thought it was adorable that we both had animal hats, so we had to pose for pictures while my aunt was running an errand. As soon as my aunt saw them, she decided that we should head straight to the Wal-Mart Photo Centre to print out copies. They turned out ok, so I figured I'd share a couple with my internet friends.

me & my cousin Rebecca
Me & my cuz. I'm so jealous of that long, curly red hair!


Macramé Monday!

soft touches Macrame With Style copyright Gaylemot Publishing 1977
photo from Macramé With Style, Gaylemot Publishing 1977

Mom just jazzed up her bathroom with some new paint and accessories. I wonder if she'd appreciate some "soft touches"?

I know I appreciate that patchwork paisley wallpaper reflected in the mirror!


pumpkin dance

Is sexy, no?

I highly recommend checking out the other versions of this, like Ke$ha's Tik Tok and The Safety Dance. That's one talented pumpkin!

Thanks to The Halloween Tree for the heads up!

BTW, I had to use the old embed code on YouTube for this to show up here. When I tried the new default embed code it said something about the content not being allowed to show up on certain websites. But, the old one worked, so it's all good. You're welcome.


My Halloween Costumes - Part 1

I know I went trick-or-treating every year when I was a kid, but these are the only pictures I can find!

Here's a photo of me and (most of) my Dad. I'm wearing my awesome Smurfette costume, the one I found in the attic this summer! (Well, the smock part anyway - the mask must be long gone.) This was in 1982 and I was only 2 years old. That's my high chair behind me, in a stylish yellow, orange and green floral print - stylish for the 70s I mean. Like every other child of the 80s, I loved the Smurfs! Besides this costume, I had Smurf pajamas (with booties and a hat), Smurf figurines and stuffed toys, a Gargamel punching bag - and there was even Smurf wallpaper in my bedroom!

Me and my Dad. (I'm the one in the Smurfette costume!)

Halloween Loot
My loot!

Here's 3 year old me dressed as a witch - a witch with an impressive unibrow. (I think it's hilarious that there's a Wikipedia entry for that!) The hat was made out of construction paper, and that's probably just one of mom or dad's black shirts. Notice that I'm wearing a thick coat and wool hat underneath the costume? It gets pretty cold here that time of year. It's actually quite normal for there to be snow on the ground! It looks like I got a lot more candy that year. I guess my parents took me to quite a few more houses!

Unibrow Witch, 1983

Next week I'll post a few pictures of costumes that I wore in my early 20s. They're quite a bit different than these!


zombie shamblings & dinosaur ramblings

The Walking Dead

So! Walking Dead season premiere! Fully awesome, right? I was afraid all those sneak peeks that AMC was releasing were gonna spoil it just a tad bit. Thankfully that wasn't the case! I was still perched on the edge of my seat, squealing with delight during every awesome zombie kill. (Note to self: carry a screwdriver at all times.) I also watched the entire first season that day (partly to refresh my memory, partly because I don't have much of a social life). I had forgotten how well written and directed it is. And I'm loving that they've deviated from the comics and are keeping Shane alive (for now anyway). I love seeing both him and Rick share the responsibility. Plus there's that whole secret affair thing. And did you catch the look of fatherly pride on both Rick and Shane's faces during that last scene with Carl? The upcoming drama between those two guys is gonna be soooo good! If you're so inclined, there's a bit of fan fiction floating around the interwebs about those two manly cuties. (A friend told me. Really. *cough*)

Did I have any complaints? Of course! The whole bit where everyone was out to look for Sophia for instance. One group wandering through the woods single file would probably be useless enough. Throw in the threat of zombies though, and it's upgraded from useless to just plain stupid. Rick and Shane are cops. They'd know better. Furthermore, Daryl is an experienced hunter and all around badass. He'd know how prey (them) avoids predators (zombies), and it wouldn't be everyone marching through the woods talking, arguing, and generally just being unaware of their surroundings. Speaking of Daryl, isn't he just an awesome character? Remember when he (the racist redneck) saved T-Dog's (the black guy) life, and then thought of the perfect way to hide from the zombies? Also, he's a total hottie. (Yes, I know, apparently I have the hormones of a 13 year old.) It makes me nervous that Norman Reedus is only listed as guest star. I know none of these characters are safe, and that's one of the reasons I love the comic, but I still hope Daryl is left alive for the long haul. It does give me hope that there's a Daryl doll - complete with squirrels - available though.

available from McFarlane Toys
He will be mine. Oh yes, he will be mine.

Terra Nova

Predictable. Boring. Cliche. These are just some of the words that spring to mind. Mira saying "You'll see" in answer to Jim's question about what Terra Nova is really about was just plain dumb. I think that whole scene could have been saved by simply ending it after he asked. It would have kept us viewers in the dark about the mysterious conspiracy, and we'd be left wondering if she spilled the beans to Jim or not, thus creating even more mystery and conspiracy! But really, I just wish they'd get on with it. Also, why the hell do the Sixers look like they stepped off the set of Mad Max? It is pretty cool that they live like Ewoks though.
I think part of my irritation with the show is that I expected, well, more dinosaurs. Don't you think a human colony plopped down in the middle of the Cretaceous Period should have slightly more interaction with, oh I don't know, everything around it!? And that's all I'm gonna say about that. However, the dinosaur in that one too-short scene was pretty darned cute, even though it was yet another fictional dinosaur, a Nicoraptor. (The fake dinos outnumber the real dinos 3 to 2, by the way.) And hey, did Zoe's handmade toy dinosaurs get as much screen time as the "real" deal? Even though I love them, it's still pretty disappointing. I hope the writer's didn't include those when they promised us there'd be dinosaurs in each episode. Of course, they already broke that promise with the pterosaur episode. Unless the Carnotaurus really does have camouflage abilities like in Michael Crichton's Lost World, I didn't see any damned dinosaurs. (Yes, I'm nitpicking, but it's my job. I am a blogger on the internet afterall!)

And what the hell was Newt doing in the Cretaceous anyway?


Macramé Monday!

Foxy Lady Bath Swag - Macrame Moods 1976
Photo from Macramé Moods, published 1976

It's the Foxy Lady Bath Swag! I bet all the sexy Bond girls have them. OK, maybe just the sexy hippies.


Walking Dead season 2!!!

Were you wondering why I haven't mentioned it before the day of the season premiere? It's 'cause I only found out yesterday that it starts tonight when I saw the ad on AMC. I thought it didn't start until next week. Oops!

Anyway, it starts tonight. Zombies! Rick! Glen! Daryl! And...the rest. I'm not exactly thrilled with some of the deviations from the comic, and actually, Daryl Dixon is the only new character that I like. So yeah, I'm slightly anxious about the second season. Then again, I may be a teeny bit biased, 'cause I may be ever so slightly fanatical about the comic. (Like, re-reading-the-entire-series-each-time-a-new-TPB-is-released fanatical. With the doors shut, the phone off, and a box of tissues close at hand.) But, I don't think I'll get really upset unless they screw up my favorite character - Michonne. The fact that they've changed Andrea so much doesn't give me much hope though. Am I still gonna watch it if the characters continue to disappoint me? Hellz yeah! There are zombies! Hell-ooo!

Remember Bicycle Girl? Here's a time lapse video of the make-up process for her. It's super-duper cool, and you need to watch it right away if you haven't already. And if you have, watch it again!

Want more Bicycle Girl? The video below is the first in a series of 6 videos made for the web that tell the story of how she became a zombie. It's not super-duper cool like the make-up video, but it's ok. There are a few good zombie moments. (Zombie + moments = zoments. True story.)


more thoughts on Terra Nova

Photo from io9
There were only 2 things I liked about the 3rd episode of Terra Nova besides this cutie Carnotaurus:
  • Everything Taylor said and did
  • Zoe's handmade toy dinosaurs
Other than that, it was a big pile of dinosaur poop. Taylor is the only one with any decent character development going on, he gets all the good lines, and he's hot. (That's right, I said it.)

Seriously, the writers need to stop trying to cram so many story lines into each episode, create story lines for characters besides the Shannon family, and focus on what the show is supposed to be about instead of this contrived crap. Oh, and try using some real dinosaurs instead of these dumbass made-up ones. As it stands right now, I have zero interest in this show beyond the (based on real life) dinosaur eye candy. My only comfort is the knowledge that Star Trek: TNG sucked for the first few seasons, but then turned into a really awesome show.


Macramé Monday!

Wall Hangings - Macrame hangers For Small Spaces 1975
Photo from Macramé Hangers for Small Spaces, published 1975

LEFT: The imprint of a leaf on rock...the interplay of shadows in the woods...is the mood of "Impressions."

RIGHT: Bleached driftwood and handcrafted beads contribute to the primitive tone of "Ramona".

Macrame Hangers For Small Spaces 1975
Photo from Macramé Hangers for Small Spaces, published 1975

LEFT: When the view is lacking and greenery is desired, create a mini green scene near your kitchen window with a stylish little hanger like "Space Needle". This is suited for keeping fresh grown herbs at your fingertips!

RIGHT: The cleverness of this spirited hanger is owed, in part, to the cheeky little pot which serves as focal point of the design, and to the exotic fringe which punctuates the circle - your own creativity will deserve thanks for the rest!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Make sure you eat all of your leftover turkey this week, or it just might try to eat you!

(Ok, technically Thanksgiving Day isn't until tomorrow, but my family is doing the turkey thing today. So there.)


I won A Nostalgic Halloween's giveaway!

prize from A Nostalgic Halloween's blog giveaway
Halloween greeting cards, handmade by Kris Dickenson of A Nostalgic Halloween

A little while ago, I was the very lucky winner of a blog giveaway over at A Nostalgic Halloween. Kris (the artist behind those two gorgeous collages above) had put together 4 packages of Halloween craft supplies to give to 4 lucky winners in a random draw - and I was one of those lucky winners! I can't even begin to tell you how happy all these goodies make me. You guys know that I love both Halloween and crafting, so you probably have a pretty good idea though.

prize from A Nostalgic Halloween's blog giveaway
Spider web alphabet stickers and Halloween rub-ons

prize from A Nostalgic Halloween's blog giveaway
Vintage Halloween collage sheets

Kris packed so much awesome stuff into this prize - half of it isn't even pictured here! I have no idea what I'm going to do with it all! I guess that's partly because I'm still on the opposite side of the country from my craft supplies though. I do know that I can't wait to play with everything, especially all those great images on the collage sheets she included. I've been a follower of A Nostalgic Halloween for quite awhile now, and I love all of the collages that Kris makes. She also shares lots of vintage Halloween images and advertisements. It's all wonderful eye candy for a Halloween fanatic like me!

prize from A Nostalgic Halloween's blog giveaway
A huge assortment of patterned papers, stickers, and embellishments

Thanks again Kris!


Dear last night's episode of Terra Nova,

Do you really expect me to believe that out of all the soldiers who came through in all ten pilgrimages to Terra Nova, not one of them remembered to bring a freakin' helmet?!?! Gah! Also, the scene in the house where the soldier gets knocked out because of his incompetence, the teenagers have to drag him to safety, and then Josh grabs the machine gun and goes back to save Zoe? Seriously, it would have been more entertaining (and possibly believable) if Zoe's carnivorous plant jumped out and ate the pterosaur that was coming at her. (Yeah, yeah, I know...fiction!) And speaking of the pterosaurs...well, ok, they were pretty cool actually. Their coloring was disappointing - boring ol' black with a few barely noticeable white stripes - but, still cool. What's not cool is that on Fox's official Terra Nova website the pterosaurs are called birds. BIRDS!!!1! 

Le sigh.

Perhaps this sexy Carnotaurus will calm me down. It looks like he wants to tell me a secret - a sexy secret!

sexy carnotaurus

In other news (of the non-nerd-rage variety), it occurred to me as I wrote this that I completely forgot about yesterday's Macramé Monday post! Unfortunately, I don't have anything even remotely macramé related saved in the drafts folder, so I'm just going to skip it this week. I promise to pay more attention to the days of the week from now on!


pine cone mobile with a creepy crawly twist!

pine cone spider mobile with a creepy crawly twist!

Want to know how to turn a pretty basket of pine cones and twigs...

pine cones & twigs

...into a cluster of creepy, crawly spiders?

pine cone spider mobile

You'll need a craft book with directions for making mobiles, and a cat. Or a small child. Anything that will insist on getting in front of the camera, really.

Scamp helping with the photoshoot
The Complete Encyclopedia of Crafts. © Marshall Cavendish Limited, 1975

Gather your supplies...

* pine cones * thin branches * garden clippers * thread * scissors * glue * patience

...and get started!

pine cone spider mobile how-to

1. If your pine cones aren't fully open, bake them on super-low heat. Remember to keep a close eye on them, and never-ever-ever leave them unattended! Never ever!

2. Cut the twigs into small pieces. Try to snip them so that they have a couple of bends in them. This will make them look more leggy.

3. Plan your pine cone spiders. Pick out 8 twig legs for each pine cone body, making sure they fit snugly between the scales and that they point in the right directions.

4. Glue the legs in place. I used Aleene's Tacky Glue.

5. Tie a length of string to the stem. Put a dab of glue on the knot to make it sure it stays put.

6. Assemble the mobile! You can follow the directions word for word, or just kinda wing it like I did. Did you happen to notice the extra support strings between the top and bottom branches? They were needed to make the bottom branch stay in the position that I wanted. So yeah, things like that might happen if you wing it! I think it turned out pretty awesome all the same though. What do you think?

pine cone spider mobile
pine cone spider mobile

I joined the Terrorific Tuesday Blog Hop over at The Swell Life!

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