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NKOTB pink comforter
Vintage New Kids comforter!

In this post I mentioned that I found a stack of New Kids on the Block posters in the attic. Well, apparently I'm a collector of New Kids memorabilia and didn't even know it! There are other bits of boy band goodies gathering dust around here, so I put it all together and called it a collection. I'm sure there were thousands of adolescent fangirls with way more stuff, but this is mine and I like it, so there! Anyway, for some reason that escapes me now, I thought it would be fun (and not embarrassing at all) to share photos of all my stuff on my bloggy. And hey, at least this gets rid of yet another thing from the list of possible blackmail material.

Nerd alert!
Check out the snazzy replica of Joe McIntyre's hat on prepubescent me. I was too cool for school!

See all those posters pinned to the wall? Yep, those are the ones I found in the attic. Super cool, huh? I also had t-shirts, shoelaces, the Joe hat, an oversized Joe pin badge, and of course, all of their cassette tapes. And that lovely pink NKOTB comforter? That's still on my bed - but in a duvet cover at least! I even had a Joe doll (action figure?), but all I have left to remember him by is his itty-bitty microphone. I buried the doll out back somewhere. Don't ask me why, because I have absolutely no idea. I assume I had a reason at the time though. The sexy Joe hat is nowhere to be found either, but I'm pretty sure I didn't bury that.

I also discovered a little notebook with a few embarrassing poems scribbled in it, one of which is an ode to "Joey-Joe". And here it is, in all it's prepubescent, misspelled glory! Please be gentle - us poets are a sensitive lot.

Ode to Joe McIntyre

I especially like the phrases "Monsterly gorgeus" and "Yippie for him". I'm a regular frickin' Robert Frost all right.

Not only do I still have all their tapes, but I've listened to them very recently. I lived with my mother for a few months before my big move to BC and the car she owned at the time didn't have one of those newfangled CD players, just a good old fashioned tape deck. Since the radio reception around this area is really crapactular and these were the only cassette tapes I still owned, they were kept in the car so I could rock out to all the hits - like Hangin' Tough, Step By Step and Please Don't Go Girl. And if I had easily annoyed passengers? Bonus!

And now for some gratuitous kitteh shots!

Scamp is helping
Scamp loves to help!

Scamp is helping
Aw, da kitty is cweaning his widdle paw!

Scamp is helping
Scrunchy little kitty nose!

Scamp is helping
Rough little kitty tongue!

I'm pretty sure I got into NKOTB because I wanted to fit in. (I did a lot of stuff in school because I wanted to fit in, but that's another story altogether.) If you couldn't tell from the posters, my favorite was Joe McIntyre. Every other little girl had a favorite, so I picked him. Don't ask me why. That was over 20 years ago, and if I didn't still have all this fangirl crap lying around I probably wouldn't remember they even existed. They're touring again though, and I'd totally go to their concert if I had the chance. There has been one tiny change from 20 years ago though - I'm all about Danny Wood now. Like, total lady wood for Danny Wood. (That's right, I so went there!)


  1. OMG!! That is awesome!
    I wouild have been so jealous of you back in the day, with your rad hat and your comforter and doll. I didn't have any of that. I may have had a shirt - I don't remember. But my parents wouldn't buy me any of that stuff :( I did have all their tapes and a bunch of posters.
    Donny was my fave but then I switched to Joey. I had a poster next to my bed that I kissed every night.
    lol! oh little girls and their crushes... I'm not like that at all now... nope... I don't have a shrine to U2 in my house...

  2. This is such a cute post!
    Love it!

  3. Noleeniebeanieweenies - So which U2 member do you kiss goodnight? ;)

    Claire - Thanks! :)

  4. um... I don't kiss any U2 member goodnight... ahem... that's right... I don't have U2 by U2 next to my bed so that I can have some subject matter for.... er.... LOOK OVER THERE! I MEAN IT! HOLY CRAP!!
    (Runs away).

  5. Anonymous24.9.11

    I loved this entry. I liked Donnie and Joey. Their posters were quickly replaced through by Jean Claude van Damme Bloodsport posters on my wall, much to my mother's chagrin. Found you through BigUglyKitty blog and am now bookmarking you for my regular blog browsing :) And I'm a kitty lover too - thanks for the great pics at the end.

    Island Girl Blog


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