Welcome to Tabletop Cemetery

Mummies in my cemetery
Peekaboo Mummy says "Peekaboo!"

By this time last year I was knee deep in Halloween crafting and decorating. Maybe that's a bit early to start decorating for most people, but then again, maybe not. Halloween has gotten pretty popular over the last few years, thanks in no small part to Martha Stewart - and that's totally a good thing! (See what I did there?) Living in an apartment does limit your options though. I can't wait until I'm in an actual house with a yard again. There are just so many fun decorations you can do outside for Halloween, like pumpkin patches, spooky scarecrows and creepy cemeteries. For now though, I'm stuck in a boring apartment building.

Was I gonna let that stop me from making a graveyard though? Hellz no! I just had to improvise. So I thought, where in my tiny apartment could I stick some tombstones and creepy crawlies? Which corner hardly ever gets used? Why, the dining room of course! And that's how the Tabletop Cemetery was born. I found a mini "graveyard kit" at Wal-Mart for about $15 that had a bunch of awesome stuff in it - like tombstones, a skull and bones, bats, rats, and spiders. Then I added realistic crows, some bloodshot eyeballs and even a few mummy heads to it - 'cause, you know, mummy heads hang out in all the cool cemeteries.

Tabletop cemetery
"I see you!"


  1. Fantastic decorations! I love them!

  2. It's NEVER too early to decorate for Halloween! (My bookcases are Halloween 24-7.) And I hereby offer you my yard for decorating :) It's just the right size, sidewalk down the middle. Only problem, we have no outlets outside for cool spooky lights :(
    Thanks for sharing your graveyard with us!

  3. Ooooh Kodama, have you seen the cute haunted house decorations in this year's Martha Stewart's Halloween magazine, with the fun signs and "boarded up" windows? You should totally do it. And really, don't tempt me with offers of yards to decorate unless you want to wake up in the middle of the night with me arranging skeletons and pumpkins by moonlight. lol :D

    And I am all for year-round Halloween decorations! I'll take some pictures of my bookcase zombies when I make it back west, which should actually be by Halloween if all goes as planned!

  4. I didn't buy Martha's Halloween mag this year 'cause I have the past 10 years of her Oct issues plus all the Halloween specials (what, me obsessed?) and she does tend to repeat herself. We'll see if I'll break down before Halloween ;) I did get the BHG Halloween issue and it's as great as ever. I wish I had the funds to match my ideas!

  5. I just love your mummy heads. They are so funny and they look alive ! :)


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