na na na na na na na na...bat lamp!

bat lamp!
Daytime batties...

This was my favorite Halloween craft last year - Clothespin Bats from the Martha Stewart website (I skipped the poking-holes-for-eyes part). It's a simple idea, but holy smokes was it time consuming! And cutting out all those bats from card stock made my hand all crampy. I think it was worth it though, 'cause they look awfully cute roosting on my living room lamp.

bat lamp!
...and nighttime batties!


  1. Wow, the lamp is really cool!

    I made those bats a couple of years ago, too.
    I still have one or two. Maybe I should make some more.

  2. Do it! I'd love to have them all over the house. :P Thanks for the complement!

  3. My first instinct was to click "like" but there is no "like" button so I will just say:
    Noleeniebeans likes this bat lamp!

  4. Hmmm...curious. I thought I had those little social media icons enabled, but I guess not!

    I shall have to investigate. To the Zombiemobile!

    *na na na na na na na na...and so forth*


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