Macramé Monday!

I didn't tell you guys about my nifty new owl, did I?  This one wasn't thrifted like my creepy-awesome King Kroker froggie - not by me anyway. I bought it from 3MontanaGirls on Etsy, who always seems to have something new for me to covet each time I check out her shop.

my macrame owl
What a handsome lil' guy!

my macrame owl
He's got fluffy little eyes...

my macrame owl
And cutsie little tootsies!

my macrame owl
Yessir, this is one fine lookin' owl!

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  1. This is great! I love them. Did you see this organization dedicated to preserving the macrame owl? http://www.macrameowl.com/index.html Hilarious! Also, I find that macrame frog simply delightful.


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