I'm a total chick magnet

Apparently chickadees and nuthatches will eat out of your hand! The chickadees seem happy enough to actually perch on my hand to grab some seed, but so far the nuthatches just land on a branch above and reach down to eat - they seem to like the peanuts the best. And, a Gray Jay "tested" my hand the other day. He hopped on and off again right away, but didn't take any food. Yep. Total chick magnet. ;)


And just a few days ago I watched a pair of Bald Eagles circling overhead! They didn't come down for a snack though, which was just as well. As much as I understand the whole "circle of life thing", I'm not really prepared to watch my cats or Blue Jays get eaten by an opportunistic Eagle. (Yes, my Blue Jays. I did watch them grow up after all.)

eagle overhead
Bald Eagle flying over mom's house

And a couple weeks ago I spied a Rough-legged Hawk in the front yard. I was sitting on the deck taking photos of the Blue Jays at the feeder (as per usual), and just happened to notice as he landed high up in a tree. Pretty cool, huh?

Hawk in Black River, NL
A Rough-legged Hawk in mom's front yard

I've been playing with the different special effects on Picnik lately - I mean besides all the cropping, watermarking and slight color enhancing. Check out my photos on Flickr to see the fancypants versions of the birdies, plus a few other random ones.

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