doggie dinos!

Soooooo freaking adorable! I wonder if they carry plus sizes for kitties? I think the Triceratops hat would be perfect for Madison*, with Wormy in the Stegosaurus costume. Then I'd tie them on out back and watch my two little herbivorous dinosaurs grazing on the lawn! Squee!

The doggy dinosaur costumes are available at Party City - and so is a super-cute doggy shark costume!

Thanks to Geekologie for the link!

*On second thought, screw the cat, I'm wearing the Triceratops hat! :P


  1. These make me want to buy a puppy and dress them up. I'm sure there is a cat version somewhere... whether the cat would wear them willingly is another question :)

  2. The cat being unwilling is half the fun! The indignant furry faces they make are adorable! :P

  3. Haha, how cool!
    Especially because we sometimes call our dog "Tyrannosaurus Flo" or "Florosaurus". *lol*


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