damn this thinky head of mine!

After a long dry spell in the creative department, my brain has decided to bombard me with dozens of awesome crafty-type ideas. Have you creative types ever been so creative you just feel like you're going to explode? More specifically, have you ever had so many creative ideas come to you all at once that you're completely overwhelmed and have no idea where to start and can't even envision how you'll get it all done in the foreseeable future but you don't want to pick and choose you want to do it all right now!? Gah!!! Other exclamations of frustration!!!1!!

I do believe some list-making is in order. Also jot note scribbling. Perhaps some schedule planning. I wish I were one of those people who can just do stuff without feeling compelled to plan out every little detail first. Because really, the organizing is just one more task that needs to be completed.

All these creative thinkings include blog posts too. I've got a bunch started (one even pretty much ready to go live actually), but I keep thinking of more things I want to write about. Being slack in this area does seems to be the running theme for this summer, but I totally have excuses...for the past month at least. First the mom-heart-hospital thing happened. Then Mr. Zombie was finally able to take some leave for a wee visit - and I do mean wee, just under two weeks. He arrived just in time to ease some of the pressure off being the only child of a parent in the hospital because of a heart attack. (Not that there weren't wonderful, caring relatives and friends to visit and help out, but really, most everything fell to me to take care of.) Then there were lots of smallish day-to-day things around the house that he took care of when mom was first released. And of course, the comforting and supporting of me and my close-to-being-shattered nerves. We did get a bit of sightseeing and relaxing in since mom has been on the road to recovery though. There were the usual walks and cuddlings, visits with family and friends, a shopping trip to St. John's, and even a circus!

So yes. Blog posts will be happening. Some will even be about crafts! I actually have two in mind for the next couple of weeks - a silly thing involving a bird and rhinestones, and another with feathers and balls (fingers crossed they both don't turn into gigantic craft fails). I've also had Halloween crafts on the brain. Big time. I did loads of Halloweeny crafts last year but never shared them on my bloggy for some reason. It's about time I remedied that. Anyway, want a preview of all those impending blog posts? List time!

Upcoming Blog Happenings That Are Totally Going to Happen
  • Three treasured items from the attic
  • Two craft projects/tutorials
  • Silly-awesome-nerdy line drawings for embroidery
  • A Halloween countdown
  • Some fun I've been up to - like Wonderbolt Circus!

So there ya go! Exciting blog happenings and stuff. I don't know about you, but I'm way overdue for some relaxing crafting and silly blogging. On top of everything else that's been going on this summer, guess what I had to do today? Take poor Madison to the vet - for the second time in three months! Le sigh. He's since been dubbed with yet another nickname - Mommy's Little Money Pit. Oh, and guess what he did after we got home? Crawled under the car and got icky, greasy dirt on his head. (My kitties are indoor cats but I have harnesses and long leads for them - and lots of patience to sit outside supervising). It's my fault though. I parked closer than usual to unload the groceries, and forgot to move it back. Plus, I was reading Stephen King's Needful Things, and I'm just getting to the awesome, blood soaked, and downright distracting finale!

Psst! Check out this photo of my little Blue Jay friend. *sniff* They grow up so fast!

Bluejay on rail

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