And speaking of Carnotaurus...

Well how about that? Terra Nova didn't disappoint me. Sure, there were your usual plot devices (teenage mischief gone awry) and stereotypical characters (angsty teenage son mad at his father). I'm ok with those, as long as it works for the script. Acting? No complaints. Even the children didn't irk me (well, mostly). Clunky dialogue? Well, ok, I can forgive a few blunders. Explanation for the existence of time travel? Whatever. It only exists in the realm of fiction, so really, the reason is a moot point. The fact that the environment of that time period wouldn't really have been hospitable for humans? Hey, if we're accepting the time travel, we kind of have to accept the fact that humans could indeed live quite comfortably 85 million years ago. When you sit down to watch a show about a pre-post-apocalyptic world where time-travelling humans have set up camp amongst dinosaurs in the Cretaceous Period, you kind of have to be prepared to suspend disbelief. That also applies to the local cuisine and medical treatments involving totally cool leechy things. I hadn't even thought about the fact that we'd see some super-sized critters. I was too distracted by all the dinosaur hoopla! It was well deserved dinosaur hoopla though. Well, I thought the Carnotaurus' arms may have been a little too beefy. And I don't know why they felt the need to create a new kind of dinosaur - the Slashers - when there are so many weirdly cool dinosaurs that, you know, actually existed. And the Slashers should totally have had feathers. (I know, I know...fiction!) Really though, as long as I'm getting a weekly dose of dinosaur, I'm happy. Besides, Jack Horner is a consultant for the show, so I'm pretty sure it's in good hands.

Ah, Commander Nathaniel Taylor. I think I'm in love. I don't care if he is a benign dictator, the man stood down a charging Carnotaurus! Our babies are going to be so freaking badass!

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  1. When the Ice age hits that show is going to be cancelled. There might be a spinoff series.


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