Thank you!

Thanks so much for the heartfelt comments on my last blog post and everywhere else besides. This may sound silly, but it meant a lot to me.

Mom is doing well. She's been in the hospital ever since, but was moved out of ICU a few days after being admitted. She has to stay there until she gets sent to St. John's for a Dye Test, which is apparently only done on Thursdays***. That means she's got at least another week in the hospital, and possibly even two or three. It's the best place for her though. Besides being surrounded by nurses and doctors, she's eating better, has switched to decaf, and isn't smoking. I just wish the hospital was closer. A half hour drive isn't really that much I suppose, but I caught a cold last week, so between that and all the worrying I haven't had much energy. Plus, the radio reception is craptacular, and I'm sick of listening to the same CDs over and over. Oh, woe is me and more's the pity and can I get some more cheese with that whine? (Please don't take my self-centered whinging seriously. Humor is one of my defense mechanisms.)

Anyway, we should be back to our regularly scheduled programming as soon as I figure out what day it is. Please stay tuned.

***Oops! The tests are done everyday. The Thursday thing was for something else and I just remembered it wrong. It's still gonna be two or three weeks until she gets in though.

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